Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Dogs With Benefits

Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Dogs with Benefits
A Fan Fiction by Equus21

Date: April 2, 2014
Time: 7:00PM
Location: The Wilbur Theater, Boston MA.

As I fix my bowtie up a bit, I know about one hundred…erm…’fans’ await. I comb my white fur flat, I make the front of my hair slightly stick up. I examine my green eyes, to make sure I do not look tired. I wash my face with warm water, I prouder my somewhat large snout.
People heard about Sherman and I, and I soon began receiving endless emails of people wanting too meet me-a lot of people were interested in my story and scientists wanted to speak to me about my accomplishments. I then decided to start a new element of my life, world tours.
After my incident in Egypt and other places, I decided it would be good to tell others of not only that adventure-but the one I had about two months ago.
I methodically put my round glasses, fix my hair up a bit and wait back stage.
I see the lights go down in the theater; people already have taken out cellular devices.
The booming voice of a male announcer comes on:
“Ladies and gentleman…please welcome- MR. PEABODY!”
The tiny intro video plays upon a projector screen, the screen lifts up after the shall I admit ‘epic’ video-then about forty seconds after, the bright spot lights shines as I walk casually across the stage and grab the microphone. I perform a general wave in front of everyone.
My tail begins wagging as I look at the audience, screaming-I feel the energy and excitement…I am ready to begin my story. I take the microphone off of the stand and clear my throat.
“Good evening!”
I walk to the edge of the stage-only a few feet for those people who got front row seats.
“How do you do? Well, now that you’re here we mind as well get to know each other. My name is Peabody. I suppose you know yours.”
The large projector screen in the middle of the stage shows a photo of my time machine and my son standing next to it.
“I suppose you’re wondering about this contraption…it belongs to Sherman, he’s my boy. I am somewhat getting ahead of myself however. Our story really begins with me…naturally.
At my youth, I was just an average genius. Puppy prodigy they called me! Got my degree at Harvard-I was three.
Then, I spent a brief period in the Foreign Service; I speak eight languages fluently…all at once including English.”
The audience still has there eyes glued to me-I can’t help but feel like a sort of elaborate professor.
“I then did a few research projects for the government, and I also dabbled in the stock market-where I was known as the woof of Wall Street.
Somehow, I felt something was missing in my life-I didn’t know exactly what it was. One evening, I found a baby that had been abandoned in a dumpster….found out his name was Sherman and I decided to adopt him as my own. I had to submit references.
So, I got some old friends to write letters, and then of course I was investigated thoroughly. My background was unimpeachable, with some arguing amongst the court room-the judge stated that ‘if a boy can have a dog-I see no reason why a dog can’t have a boy!’
Sherman now has a dad-although, I asked him politely, but firmly to never address me as such. He calls me Mr. Peabody, or in less formal instances, Peabody.
I soon found it was next to impossible to raise a boy in an apartment, guppies, yes-but a boy…no. They need running room.
So, going back to the time machine-I built it for Sherman’s birthday. I told him how to set it, now we go anywhere. It’s nice to be apart of history-all in all, it’s just the thing for a boy and an apartment. No doubt about it, every dog should have a boy.”
I am then again subjected to thunderous applause.
“Now…let us jump forward in time.
My boy is now in Middle School…almost finished with it, and we’ve seen a lot and been through good and bad times…but someone came into our lives that really made things interesting.”

Date: January, 2014
Time: 2:00PM
Location: Peabody Residence, New York

As Mr. Peabody finished the dishes in the kitchen, he hears his son come home from school.
While he had grown up a bit, he still was his usual happy self for the most part.
The dog takes a quick glance over him, same white t-shirt and black shorts he always wears, and his hair is not as neat as it should be.
Sherman’s father can tell in his voice he has something to say, so he gets nice prepared to listen.
“Hi Mr. Peabody! I met a new friend at school.”
He turns off the sink and turns to face him, he folds his hands in front of his stomach and smiles a bit.
“Oh…tell me about this new associate!”
“His name is Chris, and he’s not as hyper as me, but he’s still very nice! Sometimes he has trouble doing things a-and he’s not really that talkative…well, I mean sometimes he is, but he does get nervous. Oh! I guess he knows who you are!”
His father would admit, of course he always was glad when his son is open and making new friends.
“How often do you see Christopher?”
Sherman ponders this a bit, trying to form the right words.
“Well….not much, he’s actually not in any of my classes. He’s in a separate class from everyone else. I don’t know why though, I’m curious…”
“Well, maybe his life situation calls for him to be in such a class, maybe he’s too…classy for regular classes.
Sherman, I have no issue with him coming over for a bit-but before you call him or do anything, get your homework done…I’ll be here if you need help.”

Over the next few weeks, Chris became more and more comfortable with talking to Sherman, he liked his hyperactivity and he sensed he was genuinely nice.
Chris was taller than Sherman, he was about the same height as Sherman’s dad.
He dressed very neatly, usually tan or dark blue slacks and a flannel shirt and brown sneakers, his hair short, much like a summer haircut.
Christopher was always asking about Peabody, and he even told Sherman that he went to Rhode Island to see Mr. Peabody on tour.
All throughout lunch and in between classes, he told Sherman how he felt about the various topics Peabody spoke of, science, adopting a son and so on. The only thing was, is that Chris did not have time to do the meet and greet at the end of the show-which always bothered him.
Now though, he would get to SEE Mr. Peabody and have a conversation with him….to be in his house! Sherman was not surprised to hear that his new friend wanted to schedule a time when the three could sit down and have supper…and it would happen soon. Not only would dinner happen soon, but Sherman also told Chris that a sleep over would also be a fun idea-Chris usually had a lot of anxiety about going to sleep over at someone’s home…but the idea of being with Peabody overshadowed this fact.

Date: February 13, 2014
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Peabody Residence

Chris dressed in a nice white shirt and tie; he wore skinny black jeans and made sure his shoes were nice and shined. He packed his pajamas, his tooth brush, an extra pair of clothes and he was pretty much ready. Sherman lived about a half hour away from Chris’ home; his mother dropped him off to the apartment building-where Sherman waited excitedly outside. Sherman greets Chris with a smile and states that Mr. Peabody is very excited to see him and that dinner will be ready in about thirty minuets. As the two make there way upstairs, Sherman looks at what Chris is wearing.
“Ummm, dude, you know we’re not going out to some fancy place..right? This is a sleepover, silly Chris!”
The excited young man looks at him and smiles a bit.
“Well…I felt this occasion called for dressing up…your father will like it!”
Sherman chuckles and rolls his eyes, he finds it absolutely strange that someone could be so infatuated with his father.
Sure, Peabody is an amazing father, but to see someone get all giddy about him was sort of amusing to him.

They both enter the apartment; Chris politely takes his shoes off and straightens his tie. He shyly looks about the place, the large living room with the expensive couch and large television set, Chris looks at the sliver stair case and wooden stair case that leads to Sherman’s room and Peabody’s room.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the canine is frantically making sirloin of beef, served with chateau potatoes.
He has pots sizzling, the heaters turned on, flipping the meat all about. Yet, with all of this going on…he keeps his cool and plops everything onto fancy plates, garnishes it, pours water into wine glasses, turns everything off and takes his black apron off. Everything was finished in exactly thirty minuets.
Sherman and Chris were upstairs, when Mr. Peabody called them down, Chris’ heart fluttered a bit. The young man straightened his shirt and walked briskly down stairs, the table was beautifully set with candles and all the food smelling scrumptious.
Chris’ idol then comes out from the kitchen, wearing his famous rounded glasses and unmistakable red bowtie…he was only about two feet away from the dog he had seen so many you tube videos of, and had been so close to when he saw him speak in front of a live audience. Nothing…absolutely nothing was as grand as this however, Chris walks up to the dog, just as expected, Chris is only a tad bit shorter than Peabody.
“How do you do, Christopher? Peabody here, welcome to our humble abode.”
Ohhh! He said his famous line!
“H-h-hello Mr. Peabody!’s an honor to meet you!”
Chris shakes the dogs’ hand in a very friendly, but mostly energetic way.
Mr. Peabody thought he had seen it all, but he certainly never saw someone in his own home treat him like some fan at one of his shows, usually the dog wanted to keep those two lives kind of separate so it didn’t interfere with him being a father, but Peabody let it all slide.
No way was he going to disappoint the very happy young man that stood before him.
Of course, Chris sat next to Peabody, Sherman knew Chris as more reserved. Sherman couldn’t help but nearly laugh as Chris just was throwing all of these questions at his dad, and his dad with one hundred percent accuracy answered them all.
They ranged from his life before Sherman, to why certain aspects of science work the way they do, the questions were all over the place.

After eating, Chris insisted on helping Peabody with the dishes, and normally Sherman would, but again-the dog understood Chris’ excitement and ran with it. That is when Mr. Peabody started noticing Chris’ subtle…issues.
Sherman did the dishes without really thinking, but Chris on the other hand-really needed a lot of guidance.
Of course not, everyone has different abilities and such, so they both did the dishes and Peabody used this as a teaching tool, so it all worked out well.
Once nine o’clock came around, both Chris and Sherman were in there pajamas. Chris slept on a futon in Sherman’s room, Mr. Peabody made sure everything was okay before heading downstairs to read, rain started lightly pattering on the roof.
An hour passed, Sherman was fast asleep. Chris lied away in bed, looking at the ceiling.
He thought he’d get right to sleep, but no. Was he lying in bed because he had just met one of his idols and was just over the moon about it?

No-for some reason, Chris began thinking a lot about his own home life. About how awesome of a life Sherman has, and how much of a mediocre life he was having at the moment.
The young man lies awake, tossing and turning. He heard Peabody walking around downstairs…he thought he should go downstairs, maybe a simple glass of water would help. Chris sighs and sneaks quietly out of Sherman’s room and into the living room.

Mr. Peabody is in a blue bathrobe, the rain gets a little heavier. Mr. Peabody was just finishing up cleaning the table, his back turned to Chris. He then stopped what he was doing and spoke softly.
“Hello Chris, can I help you?”
Wow…how did Peabody know it was him? Dogs do have that sense about people though.
“Oh…ummm, it’s nothing, I just….need a glass of water.”
Peabody could sense it was not just ‘nothing’, he knew that when Sherman had this sort of ‘nervous and fake happy’ tone, that something was going on. Peabody pours him a glass of water, Chris sits at the kitchen table. The rain thuds harder, instead of insisting there is something wrong, the canine just continues doing whatever-and waits for Chris to speak up.
“Ummm…..Mr. Peabody, can-can I talk to you?”
He sits right next to him, having these sorts of chats was something he had to get used to with his son.
It was something he became very good at over time, especially after getting his masters in psychology, which he got at the age of thirteen.
“So, I’ve been…thinking about a lot. About, you and Sherman.”
“I think about me a lot to, Chris” Peabody says with a sort of jokingly smile.
“Specifically, about…how amazing you are at raising him. I-I wish…I had a dad like you.”
Mr. Peabody senses a sort of grave sadness in his tone; Chris really can’t believe he is showing off this much emotion…not just in general, but to his idol.
“M-my life…is just….n-not good.”
“Chris, you can not go about comparing your life to others…that’s a losing battle.”
“Yo-you don’t understand, Mr. Peabody. I-I mean….like….”
Chris turns away and feels like he could cry, but does not.
“Sometimes people treat me horribly because…of how I am. Th-they never stop to talk to me, your son did..a-and you do…but all my life, I…I feel like I’m ignored by everyone and when I try to make friends, it never works out…a-and I know why. It’s the way…the way I was born, people know I have special needs, so they hate me. E-even my parents get annoyed, wh-when I have trouble doing chores around the house…th-they yell at me sometimes.”
Peabody sighs and looks down. Chris takes a deep breath and successfully keeps himself from tearing up.
“I’m so sorry, I truly am. I promise, if I can help you in anyway, I will. Do you want to sit down on the couch maybe? I have no trouble staying with you if you need it.”
Chris nods and they both go to the couch.
Mr. Peabody turns on the electric fireplace in front of the couch and crosses his legs as he sits. He grabs a glass of red wine for himself and puts his hand on Chris’ shoulder for a moment.
“Th-thank you Mr. Peabody, for just listening. I-I just….sometimes need to let things out…I-I feel bad I put you in that situation. I guess…I’m embarrassed…”
The dog puts his cup down and pats Chris’ head lightly.
“No need to be, it’s good you came to someone and opened up. That’s the best thing you can do.”
Mr. Peabody finishes his wine, Chris is fast asleep on the couch as the rain lets up, but it’s still somewhat creating a sort of white noise throughout the evening.
The dog grabs a small blanket from his room and tosses it over Chris, he takes his glasses off and decides to sleep on the recliner next to the couch so he can keep an eye on Chris.

Date: February 14, 2014
Time: 7:18AM
Location: Peabody Residence

The dog slowly opened his eyes, he could swear he could hear the faint sound of a piano being played. Peabody slowly stands up, puts his glasses on and goes to another room within the living room. He sees Chris playing the piano and singing lightly to himself, the song he is playing is “Suzzane” by Leonard Cohen
Peabody is sort of surprised that Chris actually has a very nice voice and amazing piano playing skills, and yet it sounds as if he’s never been trained. He lets Chris finish and then speaks softly. Chris wears a short sleeve brown flannel shirt and brown jeans.
“Good morning, Chris. Thank you for that musical prelude to our morning!” Chris stands up and chuckles.
“Sorry you had to hear that!” Peabody goes into the kitchen to get breakfast ready. “No, no, it was really nice, Chris!”
The young man sat at the kitchen table and eagerly sat for breakfast. Sherman comes downstairs, still very sleepy.
“Were you playing piano, Mr. Peabody?”
The dog points to Chris as he gets pots and pans out. Sherman puts his glasses on. “Really? Chris! You never told me you played piano! How was your night?”
Chris sighs a tiny bit and sort of avoids the question.
The breakfast being served was Belgian Waffles, topped with whipped cream, strawberries and a dash of sugar on the top.
Mr. Peabody began speaking. “So, my two comrades-we will be embarking on an adventure today! Eat up and we shall get moving!”
Chris looks up from eating.
“Where are we going, Mr. Peabody?”
“Not where Christopher…when.”
Location: WABAC machine {Wayback Machine} / Unknown Time Period
“This Christopher, is the WABAC machine…also known as the Wavelength Acceleration Bidirectional Asynchronous Controller! My most prized invention.” Christopher stands in awe as he sees a circular machine in the middle of a secret room in the Peabody house.
The machine is spherical shaped and bright red, a giant door begins to open on the side of the machine.
A small ramp appears in front of the doorway, the three get inside of the circular object. The walls are dark grey, aligned along the walls are countless switches and flashing buttons. Christopher sits at one of the few chairs, staring at everything.
“I r-read about this in your novel, Mr. Peabody…but actually being here is quite unbelievable! C-can we go somewhere?”
Sherman had already inputted a time and place for them to visit, they wouldn’t be there long-it was more to show off the machine’s capabilities to Chris firsthand.
Mr. Peabody sits in a chair that is in front of a giant window, he then hits the large red blinking button….in about two seconds, much like an airplane taking off; the three are pushed back by a giant force. Bright wavy lights flash outside of the machine, they go faster and faster as the machine picks up speed.
A loud, deep bang is heard, it is so loud that it makes the floor vibrate.
Chris then hears talking from outside of the machine. The door to the machine slowly opens, the door lightly hits the cobble stoned street.
Mr. Peabody stands in front of both Sherman and Chris, Peabody’s eyes get kind of large. Angry soldiers point high powered rifles and machine guns at the machine.
“Sherman, where exactly did you tell the machine to send us?”
Sherman rubs the back of his neck “I kinda…didn’t look….”
Peabody glances angrily at his son. Sherman and Chris are then yelled at to step out of the machine, they do so. Chris’ heart sinks to the bottom of his stomach-as a giant Nazi flag hangs right in front of them and four Nazis have all three of them at gun point….

Date: August 29, 1934
Time: 5:30PM
Location: Paris, France

Guns are being loaded; evening is now coming upon Paris. In the center of the town square, the time machine and the trio stand in slight fear. Mr. Peabody slowly raises his arms above his head.
“Peabody here…what can I do for you fine gentleman?”
One Soldier named Hans steps close to the dog, Peabody side steps so he is in front of Chris and Sherman, Hans is sort of the ‘leader’ of the four soldiers.
He is tall, his blonde hair slicked back. He smirks at the dog, his voice monotone and calm.
“This contraption could most likely be a benefit to the Reich, being that you three just popped out of thin air like you did. You see those two vehicles over there?”
Hans points to two black cars with small Nazi flags stuck in the hood of the engine approaching the center of the street, the headlights are on-the drivers do not exit the vehicles. Hans turns back to Mr. Peabody.
“Three people can not fit in one car….” Hans walks over to Christopher and grabs him, Chris begins screaming in terror, Peabody’s heart jumps a tiny bit, but he dares not move-or he and his son could get shot instantly.
Hans tosses Chris into the back of one of the cars. “Therefore, we take this lad, and throw him in one car….” He snaps his fingers, two nameless men each grab Sherman and his father and they are tossed into the vehicle next to the one Chris is in. Hans drives Chris a bit ahead, a nameless man drives the dog and boy-the car then picks up speed and is now following Hans’ vehicle. Peabody realizes the driver of there car is not just a regular Nazi Soldier-he is a general of the SS.
Sherman whispers to his dad, “Mr. Peabody, do you have the controller to the time machine?” The dog shakes his head.
“Chris has it…I was telling him about it earlier. No way would he know how to summon the machine though, poor lad is scared out of his wits. Now, quiet while I think.” Mr. Peabody notices that the car is heading for a bridge, beneath the bridge is shallow running water, the bridge is also quite long.
The car then stops right before crossing the bridge. Peabody leans over and notices the car Chris is held captive in, is heading for a large warehouse up a head. Peabody memorizes the name of the Warehouse, which he can see due to the headlights of Hans’ car up a head….Warehouse thirteen.
He embeds it in his brain, and then continues scouting the area. The dog then looks at his feet so that the driver can not see what he’s doing. The dog takes his glasses off…he looks into the sky…he knows that the trajectory of the sun is just right to perform this.
He then lifts his glasses up inch by inch, the light of the sun bounces off his glasses and instantly blinds the driver-he yelps in pain as the sunlight goes directly into his eyes, the car veers to one side swiftly, the barrier of the bridge breaks and the car falls a few feet into the water.
Sherman’s heart leaps to his throat, the car falls roof first. The driver is knocked out, and Sherman and his dad fall to one side. Mr. Peabody then unbuckles Sherman’s seat belt, then his own belt and climbs to the front of the car, he looks at Sherman, “You alright, son?” The kid nods slowly-still getting over the shock of what happened, Peabody then grabs Sherman’s hand and pulls him out of the car wreck.
Before leaving, Peabody quickly changes into the driver’s clothes-now Peabody is dressed as an SS general, he wears a black trench coat, on the elbow of the trench coat is the swastika, a white shirt and black tie, black slacks and black boots. As they step into the shallow water, Sherman shakes himself off of access water. “Alright Sherman, lets get out of here…” Again, grabbing his sons’ hand, they both run from the wreckage.
A short climb up later, they’re back on the streets of Paris. “Will Chris be okay, Mr. Peabody?” The dog sighs, “I sure hope so…” They both then walk down the street, the sun is just finishing up setting….

Date: August 29, 1934
Time: 9:13PM
Location: Warehouse 13

Christopher wakes up slowly, wooden boxes surround him.
The light is quite dim, his buttoned shirt taken off due to pockets potentially holding concealed weapons, he is just left wearing the brown jeans and a grey t-shirt, the warehouse is freezing. He realizes he is tied to a wooden chair. Hans wears a white lab coat. “Evening Christopher, my name is Hans…also known as…Dr. Der Böse Schändliche Nicht Gut Blauäugigen Magen Dreht Schlacht König! You will tell me everything about that machine….and how it works. We have your little controller…so speak up. Chris quivers in terror. “O-only m-my friend knows….h-how to use it!” Hans then goes to the back of the warehouse, he approaches Chris with a huge injection. “Let’s try that again….”

Date: August 29, 1934
Time: 9:25PM
Location: Alleyway

As Sherman and Mr. Peabody walk in a dimly lit alley way, they hear a jeep approach; Peabody whispers to Sherman “Just go along with what I say….”
The jeep comes to a stop; a soldier comes out and shines a rather large flashlight at the two. “State your business!” Peabody grabs Sherman by the back of the neck. Peabody speaks in quite a firm tone. “I found this boy rummaging through some trash-and I intend to take him to warehouse thirteen…give me your vehicle.”
The solider nods, he notices what the dog is wearing, and knows he is more than a regular soldier- he is of a higher rank than himself, he becomes a bit intimidated. He is sworn under and oath to abide by those who are of higher rank than him. “Y-yes sir…” Peabody speaks firmly yet again.
“One more thing…do you know of a back way into warehouse thirteen?” The solider nods, “y-yes sir, go over the bridge, instead of going straight, take a left. Drive for an hour…you will then see the back of the warehouse. Good evening, sir. Heil Hitler.”
Peabody simply nods, not giving the Nazi salute back. The solider quickly grabs the keys to his jeep and hands them to the dog-he and Sherman hop in the jeep and drive away. Sherman puts his seatbelt on hastily and turns to his father. “I can’t believe you stole this guy’s jeep!” Peabody turns to his son. “He did Nazi that coming! Now Sherman, open the glove compartment and tell me if you see a map.” He finds a map and hands it to his dad.
“Now, this chap was telling the truth….but I do want to see-“ his sentence is interrupted by the loud sound of a whistle blowing. Peabody stops the jeep, on a nearby side walk, a Nazi soldier yells and points.
A large, armored truck then drives right in front of the jeep-Peabody makes a sharp turn to the left, nearly knocking Sherman into the passenger side window. “Hang on, Sherman!” The jeep zips through the streets, zooming past homes, going up and down hills-and the large truck gaining momentum.
The passenger of the truck takes out a semi-automatic gun and begins firing at the jeep, glass shatters inside of the jeep, Peabody’s eyes get wide as he realizes his son could be shot at any second!
“Sherman! Get your head down!” He does so.
Peabody swerves left and right, and begins accelerating, the tires screech violently. The dog’s heart pounds, he does not panic-he keeps his wits about him. He focuses mostly on the road ahead of him, but also glances at Sherman-his thoughts are interrupted by the truck banging on the bumper and the loud gun firing-causing his head to pound. “Sherman, open your door!” His son looks at his father like he has two heads. “Do it!”
Sherman hastily opens the door, Peabody unbuckles both seatbelts. Sherman is not sure whether or not either of them will even live through this…for the first time in a while, he begins feeling terrified.
Sherman notices that the jeep gage is as high as it’ll go, the jeep is now driving at full speed-in a split second, Peabody turns the jeep towards an abandoned home on a very quiet sidewalk-he grabs his son with one arm, holding him above his head so his son is not injured on the pavement-they both tumble onto the street.
Peabody keeps his sons’ head covered as he watches the jeep flip on one side once it hits the curb of the side walk-the truck smashes into the now destroyed jeep. The armored vehicle smashes violently- followed by a fiery explosion is only a few feet away from the dog and boy.
Peabody and Sherman lie in the pavement, they both breathe heavily.
“You alright, Sherman?” Sherman rolls on his back next to his dad. He rubs his eyes.
“Y-yes…just a bit scared.” Peabody pats Sherman on the head. “Good job not panicking and listening to me….good boy!” Peabody removes the Nazi outfit, being that it was tattered in the heat of the things, he fixes his red bowtie and glasses and they both walk briskly away from the fire-they both rest leaning up against the side of a nearby house…
As fire trucks and ambulances approach, Peabody thought of getting help-but if they’re in line with Hans or do not like the idea of them going to Warehouse thirteen, then everything could be ruined. Instead, Peabody sneakily grabs a first aid kit from the ambulance….

Date: August 30, 1934
Time: 5:00AM
Location: Woods

As they make there way into the woods, Mr. Peabody notices his son limping.
“You’re limping.”
The dog looks down and notices a good sized wound in his sons’ leg. “Sherman, sit on that rock over there-that wound might get infected…put your leg up to stop the bleeding.” His son nervously does so.
“Mr. Peabody, I-I…can’t believe what happened…” Peabody then opens the first aid kit he got off of the ambulance and grabs a white bandage and dabs a bit of alcohol on it; he then grabs an injection from the kit.
“Okay Sherman, this injection has a medication called Anti-tetanus serum. Being that you were cut by glass, tiny shards could still be in you or more likely, the glass was dirty and it now infecting your blood stream and you could get Tetanus” Sherman winces. “Mr. Peabody, what is Tetanus?”
The dog lightly taps the syringe to get air bubbles out and speaks.
“Tetanus or ‘lockjaw’ is a medical condition characterized by a prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers. Infection generally occurs through wound contamination and often involves a cut or deep puncture wound. As the infection progresses, muscle spasms develop in the jaw-thus the name lockjaw and elsewhere in the body.”
Sherman raises one eyebrow. “Mr. Peabody, I did not understand any of that….” The dog sighs and lightly holds his sons’ leg.
“Tetanus is bad. Count to three to prepare yourself for the shot”
Sherman takes a deep breath “…One…Two…”
Once his son hits two, Peabody injects the needle-Sherman yelps a bit and gets a bit irritated. “Ow…ow…ow! THAT hurt Mr. Peabody! You said count to three!”
The canine carefully removes the needle and tosses it into the woods, he puts a small band aid on the injection spot and wraps gauze around the actual wound. “You were focused on counting; therefore the pain of the injection was secondary. Now, let’s go find Christopher….”

Date: August 30, 1934
Time: 6:00AM
Location: Warehouse 13

Sherman kept on asking about Chris, and while Peabody would normally find constant questions redundant, he let it slide.
He understood his son was worried for his friend, and rightfully so. Peabody somehow knew that everything would work out for the best-he especially thought so when he saw the warehouse itself within just a few more paces.
Sherman and his father sneak through the exit door.
Since it’s the back of the warehouse, it’s pretty dark, but a dim ceiling light illuminates the room a bit.
To one side of the warehouse, is an oddly placed tea pot with cups on a mini stroller.
Not one sign of Chris is anywhere. Sherman stayed close to his dad.
Large crates were all around the room, the two crouched behind a large crate as they heard footsteps of a soldier with a baton.
Beyond the guard and crates, was another ceiling light, Peabody heard Chris breathing heavily from the cold air. The dog then looks at Sherman.
“Hand me your cellular device…”
His son does so, Mr. Peabody then looks up Sherman’s alarm clock app.
Sherman looks over Peabody’s shoulder and whispers “What are you doing, Mr. Peabody?”
The canine shushes him-then scrolls through various sound effects that can be used with that app. He then sets the alarm clock to two minuets; he slides the phone over to the far side of the room.
Peabody grabs his son’s hand and they briskly crawl to the opposite side of the room.
A moment later, the alarm clock sounds. The guard then marches over to where the sound came from, the dog and boy climb over a few crates quickly…they both leap from on top of a higher crate and are met by Chris, who is tied to a chair in the middle of the warehouse. Mr. Peabody whispers frantically.
“Chris, are you alright?!”
He begins untying the young man, when suddenly, from out behind a crate, Hans leaps from behind Sherman and grabs him-Sherman yelps a bit.
The dog quickly turns around to see Sherman is now helpless in the hands of Hans.
“Sooooo….dog! You came to see Chris! Now, you’re in a pickle aren’t you?”
Peabody narrows his eyebrows, lets out a small growl and speaks in the angriest tone Sherman has ever heard him speak.
“Let. go. of. my. son.”
The guard who investigated the cell phone noise then grabs Mr. Peabody from behind and knocks him out….everything goes black.

About an hour later, Mr. Peabody awakens quickly.
He, Sherman and Chris are now all tied to chairs.
Hans walks slowly back and fourth, he and the guard stand in front of all of them, Hans speaks in a delighted tone.
“We figured out what your little machine does-moving back and fourth through time. It would be so beneficial for the Reich and Hitler, our Führer”
Mr. Peabody speaks up.
“All of this is WAY out of Mein Kamfort zone! You can’t do this!”
Hans pushes a button on the remote Chris had, the machine is then summoned to the warehouse. Hans chuckles manically.
The stroller with the tea is then brought out; Hans admires the swastika on the side of the pot and slowly pours himself a cup, and also pours one for the one other soldier in the room.
Hans and the soldier each take a sip of his tea.
“Your son will be the first to go, dog…cry over his body for a moment or two-then you and your puns can….soon say bye. N-”
His sentence is interrupted by a cough…then another cough…and soon…he has a mini coughing fit, he then vomits onto the floor.
Peabody then easily hops out of the chair, he had untied himself moments before hand.
The soldier beside Hans merely passes out from nausea.
“Seems Hans, you have an issue. I’m afraid that tea…is not as safe as you thought.”
Hans looks at the dog, his eyes widen, his stomach begins turning and he begins to feel extremely ill.
“Before we came here, my son needed to make a pit stop in the woods. I grabbed a plant, called Wisteria. Most reports state that eating this plant will cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, among other things. Rest up while I untie my son and his friend.”
Hans tries to yell, but the stomach pains get worse and worse-the dog then steals the remote and leads Sherman and Chris to the time machine. Hans clenches his fist and breathes heavily.
Mr. Peabody is inside the machine, he is about to set the WABAC, abruptly, Hans leaps onto Sherman and Chris as they bored the machine-which frightens the dog-causing him to push the red button on accident-Peabody leaps after Hans, knowing that the safety of Sherman and Chris is vital.
The machine in a bright flash of light disappears to another time zone.

Date: Unavailable
Time: 6:00AM
Location: Unavailable

The sun is just rising above the tall trees, clouds are overhead.
Suddenly, Peabody and Hans find themselves wrestling on a dirt path. The controller to the WABAC is tossed in the middle of the fight and falls into a near by mud puddle. The dog pokes Hans’ in the eye and then stands up; Sherman and Chris stand by a few feet from the action. Hans can not physically fight anymore, he takes his large overcoat off, he begins to sweat profusely due to the poison in his bloodstream.
All of the sudden, the ground shakes, a deep rumble is heard along with the feeling of the entire earth vibrating. It happens a few times. Chris hides behind Mr. Peabody and Sherman puts his hand on his fathers’ shoulder. Rain begins falling from the sky. Mr. Peabody grabs the near by controller….due to it being wet, it is unusable for the time being. “M-Mr. Peabody…wh-what is the rumbling s-sound?” Chris asks with a giant lump in his throat.
The rain then begins falling, a torrential downpour begins, lightening flashes in the sky. The rumbling sound is now identified by Peabody as giant footsteps. Mr. Peabody gulps. “My two comrades, welcome to….the Jurassic era.”
Just as he says this…the head of a Tyrannosaurs Rex appears in front of them….its movements slow and methodical. It’s breathing deep and slow.
Sherman stands in awe of the beast and is very fascinated by it; Chris however is not as infatuated.
Chris quivers in paralyzing fear, the dinosaur heads right for Hans…who like Chris, is paralyzed with fear. As the massive giant walks towards the quivering Nazi, the legs of the beast are mere centimeters from Peabody and his two friends.
The T-rex sniffs Hans’ face, the force of the nostril blow nearly knocks him over. Peabody grabs both Chris and Sherman.
“We will slowly make our way down this slope to the left. Follow my lead and do not make a sound.” Chris takes a deep breath and nods-he knows that fear can not get the best of him. He knows he must follow Mr. Peabody’s instructions to the letter.
They tip toe past the beast….the three make there way down the slope, Chris sneezes, the T-rex looks over towards the slope…Mr. Peabody pauses….the beast turns its great head towards Hans, then the dog hastens his movement.
Hans looks into the eye of the monster, then abruptly lets out a blood curdling scream…which is then quickly cut off, followed by the monstrous roar of the prehistoric giant.

Date: Approx. 144 million years ago-Jurassic Era
Time: 7:30AM

The trio make there way to a new location in the woods, they’re soaked with rain water after walking for about a half hour. The rain has now let up.
The three sit beneath a tree, Peabody points out a few stegosauruses about a foot away from them. Chris sighs. Sherman looks to one side.
“Mr. Peabody, why is there a jeep over there?” The jeep is dark green, two passenger seats and a small trunk area.
His dad looks over to where his son looks. “Well, I think being that Hans was here, caused some sort of glitch in space and time. Nothing to worry about. It’s just…a quirk shall we say.”
Chris rubs his eyes.
“W-will the controller work?” The dog nods. “Yes, it’s water proof. I just wanted to get away from that giant beas-“
Sherman then taps his dad on the shoulder-the three turn around….four Velociraptors are looking straight at them as they sit.
There backs hunched over, there tails erect, the medium sized monsters’ colors dark red and black. There jaws slightly opened, all four eyes darting slightly across the three morsels…they seem to be as still as statues.
One of them makes a sort of ‘chirping sound’. Peabody then looks to one side and remembers the jeep that stands.
They can not just run….the Velociraptors would easily attack and kill the three of them; also summoning the time machine could be bad news as well. The bright light could also make the carnivores attack. Mr. Peabody grabs a large rock-the four creatures close in on them…slowly, teeth showing and claws rising. The dog tosses the rock up over the heads of the dinos. The rock smashes into a tree, causing the raptors to investigate.
The four of them make a run for it to the jeep-quickly, the raptors turn back around!
Chris lags behind due to extreme exhaustion, and is nearly snatched by a raptor, but the dog pulls him to safety-the jeep starts and zooms down the woods. Sherman sits in the back and Chris sits in the passenger side. Sherman shouts “They’re gaining on us, Mr. Peabody!”
The dog then moves the clutch to the jeep into high gear.
Mr. Peabody then looks ahead, about ten feet away from the jeep-is an open edge, like what they were riding on what some sort of path from a cave.
Peabody knows every second counts here-if the jeep goes off the edge, they’ll die…if the dinos catch them, they’ll die…slowly.
“CHRIS! Press the button to the remote when I tell you too!”
To the side of the woods and a few feet behind the jeep, a Dilophosaurus opens the large fins upon its head, lets out a high pitched, animalistic scream and squirts black, burning goo onto the upcoming raptors-then the prehistoric creature proceeds to follow the jeep, wanting to meat for itself-but that does not stop the raptors.
Now five dinosaurs are chasing this one, speedy jeep. The ledge to the cliff is approaching.
Mr. Peabody shouts “NOW CHRIS!” Chris does so, the WABAC appears to be floating over the edge, the door comes down and the jeep quickly goes up the ramp.
Mr. Peabody rabidly closes the door the machine…the door closes quickly due to the emergency switch being pulled by Sherman.
The dog then punches in the correct time and date to get back-wasting no time, the WABAC promptly put them back home……

Date: February 14, 2014
Time: 8:18PM
Location: Peabody Residence

As Chris, Peabody and Sherman leave the time machine, Sherman speaks extremely excitedly about the time they all had. Mr. Peabody kindly interrupts him.
“Now Sherman, you know how to get a tyrannosaur out to lunch!” Sherman looks at his dad as they make there way to the living room. “How’s that, Mr. Peabody?” The dog smiles and pokes both Sherman and Chris. “Tea, Rex?”
Sherman gets into his pajamas; he still speaks up a storm, Peabody just listens and chuckles as Sherman bounces around, being his normal self.
Peabody then notices Chris sitting on the couch, not talking to either of them.
The dog then looks at his son. “Sherman, why don’t you go upstairs and brush your teeth, I’ll take Chris home shortly and be home in about twenty minuets.” Sherman says good bye to his dad and new friend.
Mr. Peabody sits next to Chris on the couch, “Everything alright?” The young man sighs annoyingly. “No, Mr. Peabody.”
Before, Chris could hold in the tears due to mild anxiety, but now-he couldn’t. He full out cries in front of his hero.
“I-I….have never been so scared in my life! First off, I’m swept away to…flipping NAZI occupied France! Then, I’m held hostage by some….psychopathic doctor who wanted to hurt me…and verbally hurt me none the less!
Then, I’m toe-to-toe with a HUGE T-rex…get chassed by raptors and NEARLY…fall off of a cliff to my death-so NO! I never, ever want to do ANYTHING like that again! It’s your fault that I feel this way, dog!”
Mr. Peabody’s heart sinks to his feet, he never really did think of what Chris’ reaction to all of this would be.
Sherman is so adventurous and happy-and while Chris is happy most of the time, the canine assumed he would like going on a back in time adventure.
Chris is sure different from Sherman, Sherman is bouncy and smiley. Chris is a lot more nervous and emotional-and Peabody did learn about this type of personality in books, but now that he’s face to face with a young man who has such a personality, he can’t help but feel he failed Chris by making him feel terrified for hours. Chris starts becoming pale just by the thought of all the stuff that happened.
“Chris…my intention was not to terrify you….I did not know you felt so strongly about this whole…series of events.”
Chris looks at the dog, still crying, he doesn’t speak for a moment. “Mr. Peabody…I-I really didn’t mean to yell… are a fantastic role model for me, you…you did introduce me to new parts of life. A-actually, I learned a lot. It’s not right to be mean towards you….its just, I love hanging out with Sherman and you.’s just the whole time travel stuff…is not for me. I’m terrified of it and it makes me have panic attacks. I want you in my life…you are extremely beneficial to happiness and knowledge in my life. I truly like you. Not time travel though.”
Chris looks almost ashamed. “Christopher, I accept your apology. No need for you to be ashamed, I’m very glad you told me that time travel is not something you enjoy. I will keep that for my son and I, and I promise that when you visit-you do not have to partake in our wacky pastime. No hard feelings, you did it once-no need for you to feel fear if you don’t need to feel it. Thank you for your mature demeanor.”
Chris knew the dog wasn’t the ‘hugging type’…but he couldn’t help but give Mr. Peabody a giant hug,
Peabody hugged back, as he knew that some humans need that type of connection. “Oh, and Chris…tell your parents what we went through. You told me your parents or people around you…seem to dislike you. Tell them how brave you were in the face of danger and survived…come to me if they need proof. You are better than you think.”
Chris got into his pajamas, he decided to spend an extra night at Peabody’s home-being that he was dead tired. The dog allowed it, and again-he fell asleep on the couch. This time, it was instant and he did not feel nervous-he knew who he was with, he knew he was safe in this house. Peabody smiles at Chris for a moment, then crawls into his own bed.
Over the months, Sherman and Chris certainly did hang out. Mr. Peabody had a conversation about how Chris is to Sherman, told him about his anxiety and told him never to make Chris feel uncomfortable or be to noisy around him.
His son completely accepts it, he knows his new friend is quite unique.
“Sherman, from the moment you saw Chris was being ostracized due to having the difficulties he has-to the moment you let him into your house, those moments are what make friends. While you’re hyper and sometimes naïve…I’m very proud of you for taking him in and being his friend, Sherman….not many people would do what you did. Especially a kid taking someone who isn’t even in a regular classroom under your wing, I’m so very proud of you, son.”
Before the summer approaches, Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Chris all meet outside of a local café….they ordered drinks and spoke of what they would do. Surly, they would meet again….

Date: April 2, 2014
Time: 8:00PM
Location: The Wilbur Theater, Boston MA.

I stand in the middle of the stage and let my new life adventure sink in with the audience. “So folks, that is how Sherman and Chris met-I truly hope you learned a lot from this epic. It was a pleasure speaking to you, good night!” Some I’m sure were truly affected by this story, not only did my son learn about two interesting (and somewhat dark) times in history, but he also learned about people and how to deal with them. He learned that they’re many different types of people in the world.
Maybe some audience member learned that as well! The audience gives me a thunderous standing ovation; I take a small bow and walk backstage….

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