Unicorn’s Quest: Horned Conquorer



Unicorn’s Quest:
Horned Conqueror

Aaron B.

“It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward…”
-Rocky Balboa

Scene 1: The Town of Windhelm

Once upon a time, in the town of Windhelm-puddles of blood and orange and red colored leaves covered the area.
Bodies were hacked and slashed-everything was in ruins.
Some of the more ‘tough guys’, around were still alive-and had faked death, and right after the attackers left-they stood and looked all around.
Not only were about half the town’s people dead-the homes had been burned…ash also covered the autumn leaves on the ground.

This town once thrived with life, sure the houses were a bit too small and the work was often strenuous-but everyone seemed to like each other.
Why was this attack brought on? Was this revenge for someone or something? Was it random? Who ordered the attack?

The ones who lived did ponder these questions, they couldn’t help it.
However-they felt now was the time to mourn the death of friends, both the soldiers and the common folk-the mill workers, the sword makers, the farmers-the ones who kept the town as alive as it was.
For now, everything they had done seemed in vain-due to this unforeseen and brutal attack…

Scene 2: Ira the Unicorn is summoned….

Windhelm was slowly and surely being rebuilt.
The weather was cool; a cold breeze blew through the air.
The sky is a light blue color, not a single cloud is in the sky. The sun shines down, but does not offer much warmth from the fall climate, you could tell winter was approaching.
All the trees had colorful leaves, which fell every once and a while and revealed large branches-some tress in fact had lost all there leaves-giving the land an even bleaker look.

The ground was covered in dirt and dried up grass; the entire area smelt of ash-evidence of the attack was getting smaller, but if you were to look at the faces of everyone building the new structures-you could easily tell that they were heavy hearted.
Some of the people just built without much thought, some seemed to just replay the events over and over again-not forgetting the blood curdling screams and the sound of flesh being sliced and skulls being bashed with mallets.

New comers had seen the devastation and offered to help, men, woman and other creatures.

The one positive to all of this, is that some of these people and mythological beings would now live here, and would offer even more assistance in everyday life.

Among these creatures, was a unicorn-she has all the physical attributes of a horse-one could say that if it wasn’t for her horn-she could with no problem, pull off the look of an average horse-the four legs, the long snout, the sort of stringy tail Being a unicorn though, she of course also had the slightly slanted horn protruding from her forehead, its sort of slanted-like a ‘backslash’.

Her eyes black and shiny-but also filled with emotion, these weren’t soulless eyes, look into them and you can see two things.
One, your own reflection and two-depending on her mood or reaction to something, the tops of her eyebrows would go up and down.

She has a white body, almost the color of fresh snow.
Her mane and tail, contrasted this nicely, both of which were black-like a shiny, black stone.

While most equines in this town were an average height and weight-this newcomer looked quite different.
She was robust-she could easily pass for a bodybuilder-look at her for a bit, especially from the side and it would be apparent that she knew how to take care of herself, her body and legs could be best described as brawny.
She wore a brown, leather blanket which covered her back and went up to the beginning of her neck. Attached to this blanket, a pocket where she kept gold coins to buy various things-she is not poor, her father, Mortous worked for the Equine Guard before dying..so money was no issue.

She trotted around the ruined town, watching people attempt to put everything back in its place-about half of the wooden homes were built.
No one seemed to approach her and offer her to help, which is sort of what she was hoping. She continued to trot around, listening to people have various, but soft conversations-she watched as the new outsiders entered there homes, she also watched as the people who had lived here a long time, try to replicate there old homes exactly-but without much success.

The equine creature walked along and turned a corner, there stood more houses, on two sides of a long path. This would have been considered the entrance to the town square, but instead-all that was left at the end of this path was the local bar, simply called “The Bar”-which a lot of humans and creatures seemed to gather at to try and drink away there problems.
She walked straight for the path and was going to get a drink, however-she heard the sound of a female calling her name, almost a whisper-but a tad bit louder.
“Ira? IRA? Is that you?”

The unicorn’s ears twitched a tiny bit and she cocked her head to the left, and saw who was calling her. Ira then approached this creature-she is about six feet in height. Dressed in a brown, casual skirt-her skin a dark green color, filled with scales.
Her snout protruded to reveal two, squiggly lines, which were her nostrils. Her tiny eyes a yellow color-she was a lizard. No doubt about it. The lizard looked at Ira-she sort of admired her face, and always liked the way horses looked.
The sort of cute, velvet nose-two small, rounded holes represented her nostrils.
“Ira, it’s a pleasure to meet you-I need you, quickly.”
The unicorn casually steps into her one-floored cabin.

To the left, a fire place which kept the home a really nice temperature-and a small table a few feet away from it, a cup and a dirty plate sat on top of it.

To the right, a large bed, behind the bed is a giant bookshelf-filled with potion books and recipes.
Above the bookshelf, an open window and lastly, sleeping in the bed-a pale looking human.

The lizard sits at the table; the unicorn sort of awkwardly looks around at everything in the cabin, she clears her throat and seems to be in deep thought.
The lizard has a normal sounding voice, she speaks very softly-but that could be due to the human being ill.
“Ira, my name is Sigourney.”
She then points to the bed for a brief moment.
“This is Noah, I’ve heard about you-you live in that enchanted forest. You’ve helped others before…you’re quite a hero; you also have a good repertoire with humans?”
The unicorn nods casually.
“Oh yeah, they’re neat!”
Sigourney is at first taken a back of what Ira sounds like.

First off, most unicorns speak in a very precise and very sophisticated manner-Ira tends to use a lot of abbreviations and will even use profanity-something that most unicorns really stay away from, unlike Ira-unicorn’s movements are very methodical…Ira tends to pace a bit more and she always seems full of energy-like she had one to many coffees in the morning.

Even her tone is a bit more ‘up beat’ than all the other unicorns Sigourney has ever run into. She doesn’t have a soothing voice like other unicorns-she’s kind of excited and seems almost hyper.
Ira’s voice also has a bit of a rasp to it, but it is quite slight-however, none of this really mattered to the lizard, she just found it to be very interesting-but she did like Ira’s attitude all ready, so many humans and creatures are quite gloomy-but Ira just has a very contagious personality-like you want to listen to her stories and want to ask her questions.

Normally, Ira would even be a bit more chatty and tell some funny story about her travels or when she confronted some unicorn hunter, but Noah did seem really sick and she didn’t want to give him a headache.
“So, this human you’re looking after-he seems sick…”
Sigourney nods and sighs deeply.
“Very much so, I found him amongst some rubble after the great attack on our town, and I wanted to do the right thing and take him in. He told me his parents were killed by…the leader of the attack. Whoever that guy is, but this young man is also quite ill physically. There isn’t a lot of food and water around now, I’ve been giving him scotch from the local bar-but he really needs clean water and food, humans thrive on it. I haven’t been able to go out; I don’t dare leave Noah for a long while. Everyone else is busy repairing the town…”
The lizard rubs the back of her neck, Ira watches her intently.
“Normally, as you can tell by my extensive book collection, I am quite good with potions. However, the villains who raided the town also took a good amount of my potion…”
Ira clears her throat.
“Unicorn blood has a lot of healing properties. I would be willing to give this human some…its worked before….”
Sigourney shakes her head.
“Ira, I thank you-I really do…but it won’t help as far as getting him hydrated and fed. See, this specific potion acts as a….’substitute’ for food and water when it is scarce. I’ve researched unicorn blood-sure, it heals wounds…but not this kind of illness…I’m asking you, could you-get the potion…I mean, if you can even find it…”
The unicorn’s heart leaps a tiny bit, not in fear-but in surprise.
She really wanted to know what happened to this town, and make sure other towns have not suffered a similar fate as this one.
Ira figured that she could indeed get the potion back, she’s used to high adventure-nothing new, Ira puts on a slight ‘heroic’ tone.
“I want to catch the bastard who ordered the attack-if he did something like this to one town, why not another? This could be problem-it would be better for everyone if I go off and find out who this guy is. I can get you the potions….the exact ones you need…he or she or it has them, and once I catch the perpetrator-then I can give you the potions. If he’s close by, I could theoretically come back…in about four days.”

The lizard puts her hand on the equine’s neck lightly.
“Ira, I couldn’t ask you to go off…and fight and risk your life…”
The white unicorn puts her head down for a split second, and then looks into Sigourney’s eyes.
“It’s what I do, again-if something like this were to happen again, more lives would be lost.”

The lizard hoisted a near by brown bag with a single strap dangling from it onto the unicorn’s neck, filled with left over potions that could help her get through a situation.

Suddenly, in a sickly sounding whisper, Noah calls Ira over to his bedside.
Ira slowly trots over to Noah.
Once she sees him up close, she then sees that he’s quite sickly looking, his eyes droop and his movements are slow.
“H-hey Ira…”
She smiles slightly at the human, her voice has a hint of happiness.
“Hey kid! Hope all is okay today.”
He rubs his eyes and then he ruffles his slightly long and curly brown hair a bit to get some dandruff out of it.
“I-I’m really excited…to see my first unicorn, you’re beautiful!”
Ira blushes a tiny bit and chuckles.
“You’re my new best friend!”
Sigourney then leaves the two to go chop some wood for the fireplace outside-Noah had been talking about unicorns ever since he got to her place, so for him this was huge, the life of this kid rests all on one unicorn’s shoulders.
He clears his throat, Ira winces a bit.
“I-Ira…you…umm, barely know me. You’re…risking your life for me. Why?”
The equine creature lies on her stomach so that her head is level with the bedside, now Noah can look into her eyes.
“Because everyone, no matter a creature or a human-deserves the right to live. You’re a living being, and no one should take that away from you…and, to be honest-I enjoy kicking ass!”
Noah lets out a soft chuckle; he then reaches his hand to her and pats her velvet-like nose.
“I trust you, Ira. You h-have a good head on your shoulders a-and you seem fearless…”
The unicorn smirks, Noah then sits up and wraps his arms around Ira’s neck-as a way of thanking her.

Scene 3: Blood and Beer

Before embarking on her journey, Ira made a quick stop to the local bar.
Humans and creatures from all walks of life came here, some lizards, medium sized dragons and even a Pegasus sat all around the large building.

The chatter was quite loud and boisterous, loud Celtic fiddle music played in the background.
The floor is made of wooden planks, the walls and roof made of stone.

At the entrance of the bar, small, circular tables made of rotting wood surrounded what would otherwise be a large empty space.
After these tables, is the bar itself, the long bar table is made of smooth, new wood. Behind the table is a collection of drinks, ranging from mild to strong alcohols-Ira chose to sit at the bar.

To the left of the bar table, in the corner is a stage, with humans playing the loud music-some of the creatures sit right in front of the stage and just listen to the band.

A male, Southern crow is the bartender, wearing a red vest.
He looks at Ira, her front hooves rest on the bar table-he admires her very broad shoulders and her strapping upper body.
“Hey dude! How are ya?”
The crow chuckles and is a bit surprised by her upbeat attitude.
“I’m well ma’am! Thanks!”
The unicorn thinks for a quick moment before ordering.
“I’d like a Cuba Libre please.”

Quickly, the crow mixes the drink-cola, lime and white rum. The drink also came with a nice lemon wedge for garnish.
Ira watched the bar activity as she took sips of her cold and refreshing beverage, being that she was sitting down-her upper legs sort of became her ‘arms’.
Unicorns have the ability to stand on there hind legs and manipulate objects-which is why she is able to sit and have a drink, she then turns her back to the bartender and watches the entrance of the bar, everyone seems to be having a nice time.

She looks to one side of the bar, a hulking, male human speaks to his pal-they’re both identical looking.
Both have bushy beards, one has a black one, the other a brown one.
The two are wearing Viking garb, Ira’s ears twitch back and fourth, she finishes her first drink in about two minutes and listens to the conversation, equine creatures have amazing hearing.
“Our town got destroyed…badly. God, if I could…I’d crush the man who did it. Kings, get way too much power over us common folk. Fuck, I just can’t believe it.”
Ira orders another drink-the same thing, but drinks only half of it, before going over to the two men.
She gets down off of the chair and goes on all four legs.
“Hey guys! What are your names?”
The two men look at the unicorn-she is both taller and in better shape than they are.
“Well my fine equine, I am Philip and this is my brother, Collins. You’re mighty attractive…for a unicorn.”
Ira nods quickly.
“Thanks, name is Ira. Ummm-I overheard you two talking about the attack on this town. Damn shame.”
Phillip sighs and looks at the unicorn, he is about fifty years of age-his brother is about thirty. He rests his arm on the bar table and sips his mug of beer.
“A king did the attack; word is he lives only a few hours from here….”
The unicorn nods in an inquisitive manner.
“No kidding. Can you give me a map?”
Suddenly, Collins, the man with the brown beard speaks up; Ira can tell he’s a bit cocky.
“Ya know what, Ira! I can give you some information…but you must fight for it!”
Phillip chuckles.
“Ira, my brother is quite boisterous-I didn’t mention that whenever he’s in a bar, he likes to fight…which I should have mentioned before!”
Phillip glances at his brother.
“Tis fine to fight once and a while, but do you really want to hurt this unicorn?”
Ira chuckles and nudges Collins with her horn lightly, startling him.
“Look bud, do I have to do this? You seem nice…and fighting seems so-ugh, typical.”
He stands up and pokes the unicorn in the nose.
“Afraid so, horsey. You win, I give you all the information about the attack. You lose, you pay me. Oh. and no using your magic shit-blood might be spilled on your beautiful, white fur..or hair…or whatever the hell equines have!”
Ira chuckles and gets right in the man’s face.
“As my father once said, blood is just red sweat.”

Collins chuckles, he watches Ira go back to her drink, chug it down and trot back to him, she’s already having fun.
Collins laughs and shouts over all the commotion at the bar.
“FOLKS! A FIGHT! Between me…and this lovely, lovely, unicorn!”

All the humans and creatures form a circle, like some high school recess fight, in the middle of the circle, Collins stands, then Ira quickly trots next to him.
“In the battle of human versus animal….MAN has won, again, and again. THIS shall be no different!”
The unicorn rolls her eyes, trots a few feet away from the man, like the beginning of some boxing match.
Ira then speaks in a sarcastic and almost ‘light hearted’ tone.
“If I throw a stick will you leave?”
Half of the bar cracks up laughing; Ira throws Collins a tiny wink, almost as a way of saying ‘no hard feelings dude, you’re quite fun!’
Collins cracks his knuckles and gets into a fighting stance.
Collins shouts sarcastically. “cute…reeeeeeally cute!”

The unicorn spreads her legs slightly, Collins then charges at her, punching at the air, she quickly moves-he was hoping since Ira is such a large target, he’d get at least one hit in-but aside from a slight and harmless smack, he got nothing.
All she did was trot quickly to the other side of the circle. Ira on the left and Collins on the right.
The male then throws a quick smack her way, Ira pulls away just in time, raises one of her front hooves and gives Collins a swift jab on the nose-Collins tumbles, back first onto the floor-he tried to get up, but the pain from that one hit from that metal hoof sent him into a dizzy state, he slowly stands.
“O-okay…I-Ira…Fuck! That hurt! DAMN!”
He lets out a quick chuckle, wipes his nose and sees a streak of blood on his hand.

The bar does a few quick cheers and applause before breaking up again, Ira goes up to him and whispers into his ear.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! Did it really hurt?!”
See, Ira sometimes forgot her own strength when dealing with humans, rarely did she ever get into fights with them, but she had hung out with them, and one hit from a horse is not like a punch from a human, for obvious reasons.
Also, Ira doesn’t hate the guy-they were just playing really, nothing was meant to go serious, they were rough housing if you will.

An hour later, Collins and Ira sat at the bar, he held a napkin to his nose the entire time, which only bled for about a moment, but it would be sore for a long while, it started to get extremely swollen already.
He told Ira where to go and handed her a map-which she put in the brown bag. Collins explained that he had seen the attackers leaving, and since there is a near by castle-that maybe the evil king lived in there.
It was a pretty good lead; the journey wouldn’t be too long or dangerous…hopefully.
“Collins, thanks for your help. I’ll try my best to get this king you talk about.
Again, sorry about your nose…feel better. I had fun with ya!”
She gives him a fist (erm, hoof) bump on the back and orders him a free beer before leaving.

Ira decides to sleep at an inn, about a half hour away from Windhelm-and she slept extremely well.

Scene 4: Gaffer- Part 1

With her bag around her neck, Ira travels north.
Taking infrequent breaks, she knew it would be sort of a boring journey. Not having anyone with her really made things seem dull, she did talk to a few people-as she did stop into some towns. Indeed, she finds out more.

The king who attacked Windhelm is named King Millus, known for being manipulative and violent-but no one knew the real reason as to why he was so hateful, making Ira want to ‘meet him’ more.

The weather was chilly now, the sky a nice pink color.
The unicorn finds a small cave to lie down in, using her bag as a make shift pillow. The area is bland; she is in a sandy range.
Almost like a desert, but some plants do show up.
She is not close to any towns where she can spend the night; rock formations cover the area however, making the scenery nice.

Not being able to sleep, she comes out of the cave-and about a mile ahead of her, is a large wooden cabin-she begins to trot toward it.
The home is quite nice, she begins to admire it, and she then is startled a bit when the front door opens.
The owner is a hippogriff. He slowly steps out.

He has a beautiful white head, a golden colored beak and striking orange eyes.
His lower body is that of a dark brown horse, his arms are not arms at all-but talons.
The creature stands on his two back legs, the large wings which slightly protrude from the sides of his body flutter a bit before he speaks. His voice is soft and calming.
“Do you need a place to stay?”
Ira nods and is a bit taken a back by seeing a hippogriff for the first time.
She approaches him, still sort of admiring him, she smiles a bit.
“If you have room-I don’t see why not! Sure beats sleeping outside! Nice to meet ya, I’m Ira.”
The creature nods.
“Gaffer here…”

Once inside, Gaffer shows the unicorn around.
This place was hand built, by the hippogriff himself.
While the outside appeared to be wooden, the inside is all made of white, smooth marble. Giving the building a sterile look, almost like a hospital.

Once you walk through the door-you see a large expensive table.
To the left of the table, are shelves of expensive cutlery, in front of the collection, is a king sized, white bed-presumably where Gaffer slept.

To the right-drawings hung from a white, shiny wall. In front of the wall with the drawings, a large, maroon colored couch.

The ceiling is high, chandeliers hang, Gaffer obviously has a lot of money. Towards a corner of the house, is a large, metal door. Ira did not ask about it, she figured he kept odds and ends in there, and forgot about it.

Ira trots over to admire the drawings on the wall; they’re sketches of humans, very detailed sketches.
“So, you’ve met humans, huh?”
Gaffer walks beside her and smirks.
“Yeah-they come over and I draw them. They’re fascinating. Would you like something to eat?”

Ira munches on some salad; Gaffer eats some pasta with a glass of white wine.

The unicorn tells him of the now destroyed town of Windhelm.
“Well Ira, that is quite awful. I do happen to know a bit about this-and Collins was right-there is indeed a castle close by.
I’ve flown all around this land, and I happen to know a bit about the king. King Millius would be the man you’re after. He’s known for attacking towns and stealing…I’m almost positive he’d be your culprit.”
Ira nods, letting these thoughts swirl around her head a bit.
Gaffer begins looking at the unicorn, quietly lusting over her body, he always found unicorns to be attractive-in fact you could almost say as far as creatures went, he had quite the fetish for unicorns.
He rests his two claws on the table, lightly tapping his sharp talon on the table.
“So, Ira-would you like to spend the night?”
The unicorn knows he had the hots for her.
“O-oh…I don’t know, you’ve already fed me and I can’t thank you enough. I-I just don’t know if I can in good mind spend the night.”
Gaffer smirks.
“Ohhhh come on Ira! You have a nice personality, and you tell stories amazingly well. I’m so alone, come on!”
Ira sighs, she indeed finds this hippogriff to be odd, and maybe even a bit sexist due to the fact he hasn’t taken his eyes off of her.

However, she decides to stay-she figures if he even touched her, she’d kick his ass, she felt that sleeping outside just wouldn’t be the best.
Who knew what could happen? She’d never been in this area in her life-and wasn’t entirely familiar with everything.

Scene 5: Gaffer- Part 2

Crickets chirped, Ira lied on her side, the couch is extremely comfortable.

The hippogriff had draped a blanket over her before he went to sleep. Ira was in quite a deep sleep, however-she swore she heard a faint noise. Like someone crying, she then closes her eyes-dismissing the sound.
Then, the sound whacks her ears again, this time-louder.

The unicorn quickly stands up and looks around the room, her ears moving as the noise becomes a bit louder.
She tries to make her trotting soft, but it’s hard with hooves. She glances over at Gaffer, who is sound asleep.
Ira then hears the sound again, she stands still, and her hearing seems to be heightened. Her horn suddenly begins to glow, a dim white light so that the place isn’t deathly black.

The noise is coming from the metal door, tucked away in the corner of the house. She trots ever so slowly to the door, as she trots-she nearly bumps into the large kitchen table, she then methodically moves herself around it, keeping perfectly quiet. Even if Gaffer heard her, he’d assume she’d be going to the bathroom or something, problem would come if he decided to stand up and see her heading towards the ‘secret door.’
She now is a few inches away, she hears the crying again-muffled, but it is surly coming from inside whatever the door hides.
Ira looks at the knob, it glows white and automatically opens, creaking slightly, she then stops and cocks her head to the hippogriff-who is undisturbed by the noise.
She trots inside and the door gently shuts behind her.

The air is cold, very drafty. The floor is cobblestone, so are the walls. This room is dusty and old.
Straight ahead of her, is a beagle-dressed in rags for clothes and half of his right ear missing-or, more descriptively, sliced off?

The beagle yelps a bit as the horn on the top of Ira’s head glows brighter, his voice quivers in fear.
“P-please don’t kill me!”
Ira trots up to him, keeping her voice down.
“I promise I won’t. Why are you here?”
The dog coughs an unhealthy cough, he looks extremely thin.
“Th-the bird creature…c-captured me. A few days ago! H-he’s a psychopath!”
So this was the dark secret Gaffer was hiding?
Noticing that the dog’s voice is rising, Ira hushes him a bit.
“What is your name, unicorn?”
“Ira, nice to meet you. Anything else I should know about this fellow before I give his ass a good beating?”
“N-name is Roger. W-well, you should know that Gaffer actually…well, works for King Millus, they even both work together in the same room frequently.
I’ve heard a lot within the past few days, the king comes over here-they’re both best friends. They’re both evil, I tell you!
See, Gaffer speaks harshly of the king-so that no one knows of their relationship. Also, he’s selfish and would rather have you kill the king than to go after him.
Ugh, they’re both violent sons of bitches too. Raiding towns together, stealing stuff-please help me!”

Ira tries to wrap her head around all of this new information, she then nods reassuringly.
“The bastard is sleeping; I’ll take care of him and come back for you.”
The unicorn turns her back, but the beagle raises his voice again.
“No! I-if you attack him, he’ll just fly away….that is what he always does. Humans have tried killing him, it’s no use.”
“Don’t worry, I will take care of it….”
The dog sighs as the unicorn then leaves the dank and gross room….

Ira watches over the hippogriff, sleeping in his large bed. Curled up in expensive blankets, smirking a tad bit, perhaps he’s dreaming.
The equine creature takes a deep breath; she slowly crawls in bed with Gaffer.
The underside of her body rubs up against his warm feathers as she slips under the covers; Gaffer slowly awakens, groans in pleasure and begins to stroke the horn on top of Ira’s head with his golden claw, Ira speaks in a low and seductive voice.
“Hey Gaffer, how are you?”
He chuckles and yawns.
“Oh…just fine…what are you doing here?”
Ira senses that while Gaffer seems to be happy, that he is still a bit on edge.
If she attacks too soon, like Roger said-he’d just fly off.
She needed to relax him more; she needed to make sure that when she made her strike-it was the perfect moment.
The hippogriff then notices the warm and thick covers, getting slowly pulled off and tossed to the ground, however-the unicorn did not move.
He finds this type of magic quite awesome.
Ira then kisses him on the forehead.
“I saw you looking at me all night, your eyes reading absolute sexual fascination.”
She begins kissing him more, Gaffer wraps his wings around Ira.
“You unicorns are so damn perceptive.”
Ira hated this, Gaffer is a complete creep, his voice sends shivers up her spine, but she felt him getting more relaxed-losing his edge, she was on the right track.
“That we are Gaffer-so wanna fuck?”
Gaffer lets out a chuckle, just then, Ira flips the creature on his back and lies on top of him, her muzzle mere inches from his beak, Gaffer blushes a bit-but chuckles the same chuckle again.
“Fuck me Ira….YES! PLEASE!”
He kisses her muzzle a few times.
She takes her two hooves and puts them lightly upon Gaffer’s feathery chest-she kneels on his stomach, he laughs in an almost maniacal way.
“You like that, huh? You baaaad boy! Fucking a unicorn’s brains out!”

As Gaffer hung onto her every word, he started thinking of her tone of voice-that slight rasp, the ‘bad girl’ attitude, her muscles beginning to pulsate-the way she was completely in control, made him start to have an erection-he closes his eyes and smiles, he leans his head back-waiting for her to jerk him off.

Suddenly, the hippogriff feels a sharp pain in his neck, it was a pain he’d never felt before.
He tries to gasp for air, but Ira’s horn blocks him from doing so.

He feels warm blood spew from his neck and onto his chest, like a giant machete, Ira’s horn had stabbed Gaffer’s neck, she twists her head, a loud slash sound echoed through the house. Ira slowly removes her horn and steps off of the bed, Gaffer lies on his back, covered from his chest to his white head in dark read blood, she hit an artery-like she wanted to.
The white sheets ruined, Ira then looked at the gapping hole in the middle of his throat, his wings and claws spread out, his eyes and beak wide open in pure shock, blood drips from his neck and onto the bed, she then turns quickly and tries to forget what just happened.

The unicorn then goes back to Roger, and uses her horn to unhook the chains that bind him…

Scene 6: Catching a break….

Dawn was upon them, the sky was now a pinkish color, the sun was getting ready to burst through the clouds.

A heavy mist began to roll in, giving the grassy, but empty landscape an almost ghostly feel.
The blood from Gaffer had now fallen off of Ira’s body, the dog and unicorn now sat in an abandoned camp site-about an hour away from Gaffer’s home.
The site was complete with pots, pans, wood for fire and even a tent-which neither of them would be able to fit into. Ira drops the brown tote she had been carrying around.

Ira had started a fire in the middle of the two, they sat in front of each other, Roger had collected some food left behind from the campers, some roast chicken, Ira wasn’t really a fan of meat, but she ate it since there was nothing else around.
They both sat on there haunches, legs crossed and looking quite tired.
“Ira, thank you so much for helping me. I really thought I’d be dead in that house.”
The unicorn finishes eating and smiles politely.
“Of course, it’s what I do!”
The dog sighs happily, and then speaks again.
“So, if you don’t mind-I’d love to know a bit about you. You’re…unlike any other unicorn I’ve ever met. You’re spunky, you’re brave as anything….what makes someone like that?”
The unicorn sits in silence for a bit, she cocks her head to one side-listening to the sounds of the morning birds making there first sounds, the smell of dew fills her nostrils and a morning chill rolls in, but since the dog and equine are both covered in hair-it hardly matters.
She then looks back at Roger and clears her throat a bit.
“Well, my father was named Mortus.
He was the captain of the Royal Equine Guard. When I became a teenager, he’d get me up early bird special and we’d go for long trots across our land. He would teach me how to fight. He loved me very much, but our personalities were opposite.
He was what you may expect a unicorn to be-stern, graceful, kinda monotone voice.
For me, it’s just not natural. We’re all different, I can’t pretend to be this stern and stoic gal, and I think if I were to try it-I’d be miserable. Why hide it? So many people are miserable as it is!”
The beagle chuckles and lies on his back, the warm fire had begun to get even warmer due to Ira’s magic-Roger yawns and closes his eyes.
“Well Ira, don’t ever change. You’re a hoot!”
The unicorn chuckles a bit, lies on her stomach and feels her eye lids drooping….

Scene 7: Cryptopidae

The chain wrapped tightly around her neck, Ira whinnied in pain.
Once she got her wits about her, she realized that five muscular guards had found them-dressed in armor and pissed off faces.
Roger was wrapped tightly in chains, the unicorn tugged and tugged, her black mane whipping side-to-side, but the chain wouldn’t snap. She even tried magic from her horn, but that did not do any good either.
“Get this fucking chain OFF of me!”
The leader, an overweight guard, about six feet tall grabs Ira by the horn.
“Not a chance, bitch….”
Roger becomes pale.
The unicorn then lets out an angry snort as she is dragged an unknown location.

Two hours pass, the large doors to a stone castle open, the dog and unicorn are brought to a giant room, Ira’s hooves clop against the marble floor, the room’s acoustics are amazing.
The walls are adorned with portraits of King Millus, but he is nowhere to be found.
Rock beams support some of the walls and are smooth and well cleaned, as is this entire room.
Windows circle the entire room and are high and made of stained glass.
The ceiling is made out of clear glass.
The room is nearly empty, no tables, just a marble floor and the above mentioned details.

The leader then speaks in an authoritative tone.
“Ira, you’re going to be brought to a dungeon-where you will surly meet your end, Roger-you’re going directly to the king.”
Two guards pull Ira across the room and to a wooden door, they quickly remove the chain and kick her violently down some wooden steps, she yelps and nearly loses consciousness.

Ira tumbles sideways down the stairs and falls flat on her side, her legs begin to bruise.
She takes a deep breath and begins to twitch her entire body little by little; to be sure nothing is broken.

She slowly stands up-and like expected, her horn acts as a flashlight, and she staggers around this basement like area.
Dust floats in the air, the ground is made of sand, and the walls are made of dirty wood.
She watches her footing to be sure she doesn’t step in anything like trash or something sharp, a nasty smell hits her nostrils, like the smell of human waste. This certainly is where trash goes, but she certainly was confused as to why she’d die down here.
Ira trots around, going in no particular direction.

The room looks much larger than she once thought-suddenly, her hoof rubs against something cold, and she gasps!
The unicorn looks down and sees a skeleton-a shiver runs up her spine. Who did this? Was this person dead before they came down and was tossed after, or were they alive and died of starvation-or something worse?
Suddenly, something slithers across the floor!
Ira’s heart skips a beat as she tries to look around-what was it?! It looked huge, like some type of serpent, maybe now she knew why people died down here-it wasn’t slow, it was probably because of this-whatever it is lurking about!
A poor human wouldn’t stand a chance, but a powerful unicorn-might.
Ira takes a deep breath and collects her thoughts, panicking would be the worst thing to do now, she’d get killed in an instant.
As the light on her horn became brighter, she then sees this creature in its full form.

It is tall, probably seven feet tall, it crawls on many legs. Its body is that of a worm, its legs are small, it seems to have a face, but no eyes, just a gapping hole where a mouth should be and sharp teeth.
It is essentially a Centipede, with the mouth and teeth of a vampire.
This creature lets out a high pitched scream and lunges at the unicorn, she does a tiny hop to the left and attempts to slash it with her horn.
A nice scar forms around its neck, yellow, sticky fluid pours out of it-suddenly, Ira trips on the massive body of the creepy crawler.

The Centipede then wraps the lower half of its body around the unicorn, squeezing her tightly.
The legs of the creature rub against her under body, she looks up and a few feet from her-is the head of the massive creature. It screams, Ira only has seconds to think before she’ll become its dinner.
Ira pulls her tounge back as far as it can go and then bites down hard on the Centipede’s middle section.
It screams in pain and drops her, she lets go-and realizes that she had bitten a good chunk of flesh out of it.
She spits out the yellow, gooshy substance that is its blood and squints hard.
Angered, the creature again lunges at her-this time, Ira does not move, she uses her horn as a sword and with precise aim, is able to stab it in the mouth.
The Centipede stops in its tracks, the horn is now stuck in its chin, if you were to look closely, you could see the tip of Ira’s horn enter the inside of the creature’s mouth.
Ira then jolts her head back and watches the creature tumble to the ground.

The unicorn smirks and heads up the stairs from where she once fell….

Scene 8: Crowning Glory

Ira the unicorn steps into the room from once she came, her white body and black mane, covered in the yellow-snot like goo the Centipede left behind.

Her right hip is also cut, bleeding and brusied from the tumble she took downstairs. However, the room now is filled with guards.
About thirty of them, all armored to the teeth and carrying swords, the unicorn sighs aggravatitly.
“Oh my Gawd! Okay, you send me down to deal with some…creepy crawly thing, that isn’t enough though IS IT?! NO! Now, you all are standing here, waiting to kick my ass! Well, we can play this two ways, guys.
Either, you tell me where king Millus is and we’ll save ourselves a lot of tears and blood shed-or you all either get hurt and run away with your dicks tucked between your legs. Your choice!”

A few of the guards decided to take a swing at her, about four swords
went charging at her.
Ira used her horn to block the attacks as best as she could, but she knew she’d get cut in the process.
Two men were in front of her, trying to attack her facial area-using
her horn, she sliced both of there necks, a tiny bit of blood shot out
of both of them and they tumbled backwards.
One guard was on her left side, she used her upper left hoof to give him a good smack across the face, his nose broke on impact and nearly was sliced in two.
More and more guards came charging at her, she used her horn as a
slicing weapon, cantering left and right about the room, trying to
slice flesh, as she did so-blood gushed out like water coming out of a
shower head, spraying the marble floor.

Some guards charged at her with spears, she did have to think quick on
her hooves, her mind completely concentrated on the tasks at hand,
when she’d use her hooves to whack various attackers in the head, a
horrible ‘crack’ sound filled the room, her body began to sweat as she
had to fend off what seemed like endless waves of people.

She was indeed getting tired of this, she started stabbing individuals
in the gut and flinging them across the room-deliberately trying to hit
other attackers to see if she could finish this quickly.

The soldiers began dying off; a few swings of her hooves and the last
of them suffered from major concussions.
The marble floor now covered in blood-Ira too was just about drenched in blood herself, mostly her facial and upper body area. Her horn was also coated in red fluid, she
looked around at all the dead bodies-some groaning in pain, others
surly dead.
She slowed her rapid breathing down, trying to collect herself and find this king and finish this all for good-she also needed to find Roger.
Ira stands in the middle of the room filled with carnage, closes her eyes for a brief moment, takes a deep breath and trots forward with her head high….

Ira cocks her head left to right, not finding this king anywhere, suddenly-a loud bang is heard. She stops in her tracks; it was a deep bang, like something was trying to come up from the floor.
She steps back, part of the floor is now elevating, like the beginning of a rock concert.
It is not magical, but mechanical, standing on a podium that is now all the way up, is king Millus himself.
He holds poor Roger by a metal chain, which is clearly suffocating him.

The king is dressed in dark purple robes, a golden staff in hand and a silver crown. His face is that of an older gentleman, maybe in his early sixties, he has a short, silver beard and slicked back hair.

He steps off from the levitated podium and chuckles as he looks at the white unicorn covered in blood, there voices echo- the king seems to be looking at all the carnage Ira left.
“So, this is King Millus, hm? The mighty one, who destroys towns and steals potions, interesting to put a face to the madness.”
The king walks slowly towards Ira, and lightly taps her nose with his staff; his voice is rather high pitched surprisingly, but is also quite monotone.
“Ira, you certainly do care a lot. Killing my men, killing my best friend-Gaffer-but we’ll get to him! You know, being a king is quite amazing, my friend. You’re right; I did destroy towns-for YOU.”
Ira snorts in anger and stamps her hoof.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
The king then walks around the creature; Ira does not blink-she keeps a sharp eye on him as he calmly tells his story.
“Not enough mythical creatures get what they deserve. Buildings and towns-ruin the land. You creatures are beautiful, you, Gaffer, all the other unicorns and rabbits and such. You deserve to have no humans around-I will take it upon myself to RID this world of pesky humans, except me of course!”
Ira squints and is just about ready to whack this crazy guy in the jaw.
“This castle is so empty and large, perfect for housing and protecting you all. Don’t you see?! I’m saving YOU-so what if a few humans die? So what if towns must be destroyed, so what if I must steal potions to help you all health wise!”
He presses his face against Ira’s nose, looking right into her eyes.
“Thank me, Ira. Thank me for preserving life-the way it should be! We’re ugly compared to you animals, if less of us were around and more of you-wow…what a world it would be!”
King Millus then violently tugs on the chain that wraps around Roger’s neck, knocking him off of his feet-his head smacks against the marble floor. He drops the chain, he then goes up to the podium to grab a new chain.
“So, now Ira-you’re going to have to stand still, this won’t hurt if you don’t budge.”
He violently tosses the chain like a cowboy would a lasso, the end of the chain wraps around Ira’s neck, she neighs a bit and is nearly pulled to the ground, but she keeps standing, she tosses her head back and fourth.
“WHY do people love chaining me UP!?”
The king tugs harder
“Look Ira, I’m HELPING you! You need to stay here! Stop worrying about humans-it’s ALL ABOUT you!”
Ira looks at her hooves and notices a part of the chain, resting on the floor near her front hoof.
The chain is beginning to get too tight, her breathing is beginning to get cut off. This is not just an ordinary chain; it’s some black magic or voodoo stuff-her magic needed to come into play.
Ira lets out a few loud coughs; her eyes begin to water-she feels her self losing it.
The unicorn’s horn then begins to turn purple; the king looks on in astonishment.

A purple light begins to surround the chain, Ira takes a deep breath and after a moment of tense build up, the chain snaps off of Ira and is now wrapped around the king’s neck-he yells in pain and falls to the ground with a hard smack.
“IRA! NO!”
The unicorn then trots up to him, her breathing heavy, he looks up at her helplessly.
“You’ve obviously taken advantage of others, using your kingly privileges for awful purposes. One thing you seem to have forgotten about unicorns, is that we’re indeed magical. Sure, my magical powers aren’t the best-but in some situations, it helps. Now what, Millus?
First, you capture me…then you realize that it was a huge mistake! Kinda like biting into chocolate covered shit!”
Like with Ira, this chain gets horribly tight, in between gasps, the king speaks.
“I-I’m sorry IRA! I really AM! LET ME GO!”
Ira takes a deep breath, Millus’ head begins to turn left, his eyes turn an unhealthy shade of red, tears stream down his face, and he begins to scream.

Suddenly, with a terrible snap, his head has done a complete circle, the front of his face is now turned, and he collapses.

Ira then canters over to Roger and with her two upper hooves, lightly presses on his chest.
“Roger, please wake up! Gosh, you came THIS far!”
As she presses, she realizes that Roger was merely knocked out-he coughs loudly and begins to stand, hanging onto Ira’s neck for support.
The beagle then begins to cry a bit, he wraps his arms around Ira.
“Th-thank you so much! I-I thought I was dead…I really did!”
Ira takes a deep breath and lets him cry on her shoulder….

Two Days Later

The town of Windhelm is now completely built.
New homes, new people, new security measures as well.

The unicorn returned with the beagle, he now has a new place to live and new people to meet.
Millus had indeed kept all the potions, Noah is now completely healed and is back to working.
One of the townspeople gave Ira a sponge bath-now the unicorn was shiny, she had also taken a nap-which she really needed.

Sigourney and Ira speak outside of what it was like to get the potion-she feels awful putting Ira in all of those situations, but the unicorn seems to shrug things off.
“Well Sigourney, tonight I’m staying around, but tomorrow-I go back to my unicorn forest, filled with lollipops and rainbows and frolicking!”
The lizard looks at Ira in a dead serious way.
Ira laughs boisterously.
“Oh my, the look on your face was priceless, Sigourney!”

That evening, Ira makes one last stop at the bar, complete with new floors and a bigger room and new drinks.
She enters the dark room, thinking the bar is closed.
Suddenly-magical, colorful flames turn on, lighting up the entire room-about half of the towns people give Ira a hug and bombard her with questions about her quest.

Humans and creatures of all ages walk up to her as she sips her rum punch, sitting on a bar chair.
In her usual fashion-she tells each story with over the top mannerisms and peppered profanity, making half the bar crack up laughing.
Out of the blue, Collins sits next to her, his nose all healed.
“Hey Ira, I still don’t forgive you for kicking my ass!”
He then laughs and hugs her tightly.
“Ohhh, Ira! You’re a hoot! You are a hero though, first and foremost!”
The unicorn chuckles
“Keep on going, I love this!”
She then finishes her third drink; loud Celtic fiddle music plays as the evening goes on…

The End

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