Leonard- My Fursona!

Leonard Poster-Leonard Art by Alyx Dezay Tsume James
Leonard Poster-Leonard Art by Alyx Dezay Tsume James

I knew when I got back from Anthro New England, that I had to get a fursona. Everyone was asking me about it-and I had no real answer for them. Thing is, I’ve written a LOT of furry short stories-but never had a main character. Sure, I have Ira the unicorn, but she’s not a furry-but I am so happy to say that I have Leonard. He’s a character that I’ve added so many layers too now, that it made perfect sense to turn him into an anthro (he was originally a ‘feral.’) I love how he’s a detective, I like how stern he is-he and I are polar opposites when it comes to personality, so I think that’s cool! I like how he’s kind of a rebel (a big feature of his is not caring about dress codes in certain areas…hehehe.)

Anyway, I truly hope you all enjoy Leonard and his adventures-I can not wait until he has his own mask and outfit-I’m currently commissioning an artist to make a fursuit head for him. So, I hope to one day dress as him and go to different events!

Here is Leonard’s section of my site-if you’re an artist and wish to draw Leonard, please message me on my Facebook page and we’ll set things up! You will be featured on the site! 🙂

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