Why I’m In Love With Writing Detective Keaton Stories….

I’ve written SO many furry stories in the past (not all of which are on this site.) Writing self-contained stories is fun, I get a new creative experience with every one, but on the other hand, it’s hard. It’s hard because I literally have to invent a new character(s) and a completely new story for all of them-and I think there came a time in my furry stories, where they all just became too similar. Coming up with new names was a pain in the butt, coming up with different types of personalities was just as hard-if not harder.

With my Leonard series, I got to invent a new character (a fursona which is much more personal than just another fictional character.) I get to exclusively write about him, so I don’t have to introduce him as thoroughly in each story.I get to expand on his ideals, morals and his sense of right and wrong.

With a series, the reader can get attached to any of the re-occurring characters, feel for them, hope that they don’t die..etc. Also, I truly think my fursona is unique-he’s nothing like me in real life. Also, unlike most furries-as you may or may not have read, he hates hugs and an over abundance of social interaction, so I also like to be able to capture other furrie’s reactions to him. With every new case, I can bring some kind of new emotional depth too all the characters-and in the second Leonard story, a major character is indeed being introduced. We’ll learn more about Leonard’s human son, who has his own ideas and beliefs about who is dad is, and a bit more about his past…plus, I can leave you guys with cliffhangers! While I of course will write novelettes, my ‘stand alone’ furry stories will now be few and far between-because now I feel like I have a character I really want to experiment with and show you guys more of-I hope everyone will join me on Leonard’s adventures! 🙂

All of his stories will be posted HERE

By Aaron B.

Writing. Films. Reviews. Horror. Fantasy. Cartoon Animals and more!

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