Forlorn (Short Film)

Well ladies and gentleman, after about three weeks of filming and editing, my fantasy short film “Forlorn” is now online! Gosh, I have to thank SO many people for making this film possible-my good friend and leading actor, Eric The Red-who provided me with the costumes and props required to really make this story come to life.I knew he had all of this stuff, so I knew that I needed to utilize it all somehow-I just had no story.

I’ll start at the beginning, how did I come with this plot? Well, I role-play on Facebook often-and the story of a dragon watching a human, came to me and a fellow role-player  of mine, Eric Calhoun (who would play the dragon in the story.) I soon sort of realized I had an interesting story on my hands, and while the RP itself had a LOT more visual descriptions-I knew that I could MAYBE make it work.

I had a dragon puppet lying around the house…a very detailed puppet. I always loved him-and I kinda though ‘hm, my story about a dragon COULD come to life on film!’

I thought it was ridiculous though, I mean-ME make a movie about a giant dragon with a ZERO dollar budget? Nah, wouldn’t happen…that is until I discovered the Video Production room at my old high school, with there high tech green screen and editing software (this film was edited on a Mac using Final Cut Pro X BTW) I thought MAYBE this film would be doable.

I wrote down the script-and apart from the ending, nothing much was changed-I gathered up props with my good friend, Eric The Red (who I had filmed with before, so I knew he was up for acting!)

I did some test shots with the dragon himself and we were off!

Now, two brand new actors have been introduced-one is the narrator at the beginning of the film, Paul Hal. I paid him $5 to do my opening-and jeez, he did an INCREDIBLE job!

Now, for the dragon-I went through a few voice actors, and really…he was so specific and really, he needed to be the show stealer. I was able to speak too Noah Arnold, who is also interested in film and directed an amazing short film, “Roxy“…and I personally think he had the right tone and acting chops to pull everything off. He did so well-I was so pleased when he sent me the audio files one evening, very fun to work with.

I never thought this film would become a reality, but with so many cool actors and some around the clock editing-I present to you my first fantasy short film, “Forlorn”… 🙂

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