Forlorn: Bloopers / Mini Update

Bloopers from my fantasy / drama film “Forlorn”!

In other news, I just got back from Florida, Keys! It was an amazing and swimming with my spirit animal, the dolphin was just an incredible event. I will be posting a travel music video depicting what I did on that trip.

Also, I plan on writing a novelette soon, about a dolphin named Daiquiri-I plan on writing an outline soon, I think it’s about time I write another long story, get off my butt and put time and effort into an epic!

Lastly, I plan on making a short video dedicated to my fursona, Leonard! I have a mini script, I just really want to show furries my character and really make him unique-so expect that in soon (within the next few days maybe!) His series I hope will still go strong, as I have plans for both the third and fourth installments of the short story series!

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By Aaron B.

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