Leonard Short Film- NOW IN PRODUCTION!

As I begin to edit a few scenes for the first “Leonard” short film, it’s surreal. Normally, I’m quite nonchalant about the whole writing, film making and editing-but there’s a type of excitement while working on this short.
I think it’s because Leonard is a character I’ve had in my head for so long, even before I became a furry.
To first write short stories of him, receive TONS of amazing artwork of him, then to get the AMAZING fursuit head-and now, working on his first film?! Jeez, it truly is magical, okay…cliche word, but I can’t think of it any other way.

Fact of the matter is, while this film will have less depth than my short stories-this film truly encompasses who the character is, it’s kinda scary that once this film is out-other furries will probably come across it-and know who my fursona is with a click of a button. Yes, the film will be a bit dark but I want to show others who Leonard is and what kind of stories he has to offer. This isn’t silly little skits that most furries do (and I LOVE a good furry short film! Don’t get me wrong, some are HILARIOUS!) I want to break out of that, I want to do my character justice-I want everyone to enjoy it! Gosh, my character is coming to life before my eyes-it’s incredible. 🙂

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