Writing Anncouncement

I do have a kinda update on my writing in general, while I love writing furry stories-I will no longer be writing ‘stand-alone furry stories.’
Basically, this means I will only be writing in the furry universe, IF Leonard is either a main or secondary character. I find that all my furry writing is way too similar, and trying to come up with new names and furs, is just kinda boring. Leonard is an ever growing character, and I feel like I can do plenty with him and his son-tell stories that are scary, heartfelt, dramatic-I love writing Leonard, and I wanna put him through a lot!

As far as other writing, if Leonard’s name is not in the title, it means that it’s either a story centered on humans only OR if animals are the main focus, they are anthropomorphized, but not furries (they won’t wear clothes or drive cars…these animals will be kinda like the book “Watership Down”, where we can understand them and they’ll go on adventures, learn things, etc.)

Speaking of animal stories-I want to write animal stories, but non-furry. I feel like it’s something I almost never do, and I LOVE stories like “Bambi”, where they’re pretty much how we know them-but they think a lot more than we think they do. Plus, I try to get my hands on EVERY animal centered story ever, and I feel like I should write one or two. So yeah, Leonard-furry related, if Leonard is not in the title, know it has NOTHING to do with furries. Thank you for your time, I have a few writing ideas coming up!

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