Hooves: Episode 5..this is it.

This is the end of a groundbreaking series. Well, okay-maybe not that. I do realize that really, as far as this character is concerned, I’ve done all I can with him. I found this fun while it lasted-but I ran out of plot ideas and I feel like the gag was running thin-and I’m so glad I got so many nice comments about this show, people did get a good chuckle from Henry-so I wanted to send him off, give you guys something to sort of thank you.

Now, just because I’m done with this comedy series, does not mean I won’t be doing silly skits like this-in fact, I have another character all ready lined up and ready to take the stage soon. He’s a puppet, so I hope to be able to bring him out more and really do more with him, but I didn’t want to just end off Henry abruptly with Episode 4. This literally was the easiest episode to shoot, but I tried to put as much heart into it as I could.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

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