Call of The Wild-Book Review

It’s amazing that only a few days ago I finished reading “The Call of The Wild” by Jack London.
I had read an abridged version in middle school, but it was fun to go back and actually read the ‘full book.’
What can I say? It’s an amazingly written book with excellent characters and a plot that really to me, is about sort of becoming your own person and following your heart, whether people agree with you or not. Whether or not London indented that, I have no clue-but it is after all, a story about a dog who finds his true calling by going out to the woods and embracing nature and not letting man hold him back, and how he rises against those who want to hurt him.
It’s probably the best book in the ‘animal fiction’ genre in my opinion, VERY close to “Black Beauty.” However, the two novels have completely different messages, one is about discovering who you are and “Black Beauty” is about the true magic of kindness.
I found myself more invented in Buck’s story though, I feel like a lot more happened and he went through a more dramatic change, plus I loved how Jack London kept the descriptions of the wilderness fresh and new, I didn’t feel like I wad re-reading the same prose. Great book might be my favorite, or neck and neck with “Watership Down”. I don’t know, it’s hard because even though I don’t read that much-all the books I pick I seem to love.

It’s sad that students are ‘forced’ to read the book, because forcing a book on someone can defeat the enjoyment. Sure, teens / kids should give the book a chance, at least read the first two chapters and see what they think, I think more could enjoy not only “Call of The Wild” more-but get more of an appreciation for literature in general and really get to think about the meaning of stories and why they’re so good, and relate the plots to there own lives maybe?

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