New Leonard Short Film?!

So folks, I have some interesting news. I have just begun work on a script for a Leonard film (right now just titled Leonard: A Furry Film)….not a sequel to my other short film, but consider it a ‘re-imagining’ all together.
This film however, should it fall together in the way I envision, will probably be about 20-30 minutes. If the movie ends up being 15 or shorter, so be it…but I’m aiming it to be a longer adventure. Not many people make furry films of this scale-so I really want to see if I can. 🙂

I really want to give my character a great movie that people can watch and get a good sense of who he is. A three min short film for Leonard just doesn’t explain enough about him.
Plus, with a longer film-I can add more evidence to the case and add some cool locations and more characters.

I want to point out that, I’ve had to take some creative liberties with the script-some of the main characters in the short stories, will not be here for budget reasons mostly, and I want to keep the story as simple as possible as far as props, costumes etc…I will say though, there will be another furry in the film, so Leo won’t be alone…whether he’ll be a good or bad guy-I won’t ruin here.

The plot? Weeeeell…I’ll give you guys a little bit:
It’s a classic Leonard story, a human gets abducted by someone, his endless search leads him too some creepy locations, the ‘deep web’ and evil striking his home.

When will it be out? Well, if all goes well, November / December-so it’ll be a thriller for holidays I guess! :3
Plus, I’m working on “Leonard 4” as we speak…so lots of Leo coming!

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