The Field: “Paw and Order” Filming!

So folks, I have completed a LOT of the filming for this movie-I’m getting two other actors involved to finish it all off (I am shooting out of order, so it’s not as quick at it sounds!)

Tonight, I went out to film with my parents-the script called for a field. I had to stumble around this filed with a fursuit head on-trying not to bump into roots and thorns, and trying to look cool. It was hard! LOL! Worth it though-I was a little worried that someone might think I’m a big bear and shoot me if they saw me from a distance-but I would be a bear wearing a leather jacket, sooo maybe they’d just run?

Anyway, stumbling around a field in full costume was not hard really-what WAS hard was the editing of this scene. Unlike a lot of directors, I do not edit an entire movie at once-I edit in sections. Scenes get there own project name, I get to spend as many hours as I want on a scene to make it as good as I think it should be. The scene we filmed tonight was a gun fight-in the editing room, it consisted of mostly sound effects being off, muzzle flashes not being bright enough, music skipping-yeah….but actually,  the scene came out great, I just hate how time consuming it is to go through frame-by-frame and add muzzle flashes and sound effects and have to be so precise…but hey, makes for an engrossing movie!

Seriously, I’m PSYCHED for this movie-and I hope furries enjoy it as well! More filming to be done next week! 🙂

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