I got home from work at 4, started rolling the camera and did not finish until about 7 at night. I filmed yet another awkward scene-but I had to run this time, and it was nearly impossible. Seriously, running with a fursuit head on is probably the worst idea for a runner. LOL!

However-I had the pleasure to work with my dad and a newcomer on my you tube account, Katherine! She plays the young lady who Leonard may or may not save-and she was just awesome.

She tells me she’d never acted in front of camera, but I don’t buy it, it was awesome for her and I to share some screen time and it was her first real intro to Leonard besides me just talking about him. She is such a fun and energetic actress, not only did she act-but she also filmed a key scene where Leonard goes to investigate her car…and people saw us filming. I was stopped by two neighbors and we talked for about a half hour-while I’m in my full Leonard get up.

I was stopped by a gentleman during filming  I had never seen before and he asked if he could take a picture, it was quite funny! No idea where the pic will end up, wish I had asked for his Facebook.-or he’s some producer stealing my idea. 😉

I am downright exhausted-from being in the fursuit head for a long while, to acting and filming-today was a busy and fun filled day. Tomorrow is the last shooting day-unless I keep adding more to the script! XD

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