“Paw and Order” update

I am getting tons of feedback from the “Paw and Order” trailer, it’s kinda strange to open my notifications and have at least 6 people say “I wanna see it!” and “When will it come out?!” I am SO flattered and truly humbled to hear these comments!

Well, I can tell everyone that the editing is going very well, I worked on it a whole bunch last night-staying up too late two nights in a row in fact-I guess my creative energy is on all cylinders.

I am also flattered people want to see this movie-but on the other hand, I can’t expect everyone to like it. I know that really, no movie is perfect and that I might run into critics (too long, too short, not enough cuts, not enough action, predictable story…etc…)-which I’m 100% okay with and I’m prepared to hear that sort of thing.

That’s part of being an artist, peoples reaction to your work. I guess all I’ll say is that I’m making what *I* feel is the best representation of my fursona, and while I will of course try my very best to make a fast moving and good movie, I can’t please everyone.
I’ll say this though-I truly am proud of the work everyone did on this movie, everyone gave it 100%
I’m going to make the movie I envision, and I just hope people like it. 🙂

By Aaron B.

Writing. Films. Reviews. Horror. Fantasy. Cartoon Animals and more!

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