New ALIEN fan film?!

Not only to I have a kick a$$ new camera and a brand new ALIENWARE laptop to edit on, but I am making a fan film I’ve been wanting to make since I was 14 years old and saw the original “Alien” film from 1979.

The “Alien” series always fascinated me-science fiction mixed with gruesome horror. I always thought ‘why didn’t the Xenomorph ever come to earth?’ It seemed like a cool direction-but it never happened. I am not including the “AVP” series which is a disgrace to both franchises by the way.
Ridley Scott is now working on his series, “Prometheus” which I LOVE and I think it’s a great new look into science fiction horror and Neill Blompkamp is working on “Alien 5″…but it won’t be on earth I don’t think.

So now that I’m confident in my filming techniques and editing-I am ready to tackle this very ambitious project. I set it on on earth really for two reasons, one I am not able to replicate a space ship with my shoestring budget and two, I want this film to stick out. As I mentioned, Xenomorphs have never come to earth-and if my fan film were to take place in space (like all other Alien fan films) I feel like mine would just be middle of the road and forgettable. I want fans of Alien (the 1979 movie and “Alien: Isolation” the amazing video game) to really like this. I want to try and create tension and atmosphere, what you don’t see is more effective than what you do see. I’ve seen the original film about 15 times, so I also am trying to sort of replicate camera work, score and suspense that worked so well in the 70’s, this isn’t an action movie. I feel like people who don’t know what Alien is…will sort of be confused and maybe want more gore and blood involved, this will certainly be patiently paced, unlike some of my other films which I feel are more action oriented. Anyway, I am SO excited to be working on this fan film and truly hope it lives up to expectations for Alien fans! 🙂


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