Alien Fan Film Moving Along!


So, for the opening scene of my fan film, I wanted a cool location-so I went to my local cable station, where I filmed ironically another science fiction movie, Outpost X. 

With my new camera, I was able to do all kinds of cool lighting things that I could not before. Plus, I got to live my life long dream and act along side a Xenomorph..hehe.

My mom and I took about an hour to film the sequence, and since we’re both into movie making-we collaborated and really thought about every shot and how to make things effective and move at a good pace, and as I edit the scenes together-I can safely say it all is worth it!

One mishap during filming, was that the ‘red siren’ we were using as the alarm, broke in the middle of setting up shots-thankfully we finished all major shots before it happened-but still, I wasn’t too happy about it!

Anyway, I can not wait until fans of Alien and Alien: Isolation see this movie…I truly hope it gets fans talking!



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