Sucide Prevention

I’ve spoken to people on social media-people who have thoughts of suicide and intense anger or depression or tell me there lives suck. I’m big into suicide prevention, and I will never hesitate to talk to someone who has such thoughts or feelings. I just find it awful that someone could think life is so dark and so miserable and just not worth it.
I don’t care if I know the person or if they contact me for the first time-I’ll talk to you for hours and be your online friend. I feel it’s the right thing to do, I feel it in my heart. I want others to feel friendship and hope I can offer them hope.

The two biggest reasons why I write, make films and cosplay is this: myself because I enjoy it and to make people happy and to make people enjoy themselves.

If I can make someone who has a tough mental illness or a sad outlook on life happier and make them want to contact me and start a conversation with me and tell me ‘thank you for writing this story’ or ‘that movie was awesome!’, that’s amazing.

I also want to say that suicide is an ugly thing, and I never want anyone to feel so helpless that they feel there life isn’t worth it-your existence is awesome and whether happiness finds you early or later in life, please give life a chance.
Please talk to anyone about these thoughts, you’ll always find friends and those who love you (online and in real life.)
Is my goal to change the entire world? No, I realize that some people will commit suicide regardless and some will remain angry or sad, I can’t fix the world-my goal is to change there VIEW of the world.
To see life for what it is, full of opportunities and full of love if you know where to look.
I don’t care how long I have to talk to someone, I will talk for hours. If I can help one person, online or in real life-nothing makes me happier.

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