Future Book Ideas…

As you know, I wrote “Unicorn’s Quest” a while ago, gosh back in high school-along with a few unpublished works I’m not super proud of at this time, but maybe one day I’ll go back re-edit some of those for you.

I’ve written a few Leonard short stories. However, new ideas have emerged, from locations, to character traits, to plot lines, to dialogue-and at first I thought all these new ideas would be for separate shorts or separate novellas.

I soon thought that all these ideas could be used for one epic story. Sure, the unicorn book was an epic fantasy, but as I read more (like, I’ve been reading a novel every three weeks practically) and watch more films and TV shows (especially “Game of Thrones”) that inspire me-there comes a point where I want to put all my ideas to the ultimate test. So, this idea started when I wanted to put my three main characters in one story.

Leonard, the stern black lab detective, Ira the sassy white horse and Vince, a kind hearted but technology hating dragon character I’ve been working on the past few months and refining, getting ready for this book…however, a very similar character does appear in one of my short stories, “Historiography of a Dragon”, but again-I’ve sort of refined him, changed his name and some of his interests-so he won’t be the same.

Leonard is staying the same, except he won’t have a human son with him. Ira is going to be the wife of Vince, the dragon-so that should be interesting. Vincent, a calm and patient paced fellow, mixed with Ira’s hyperness and sassy behavior.
Then, I needed a story. I knew what I would do-my classic troupe of a human who stumbles upon an anthropomorphic animal run city.If you’ve ever role played with me on Facebook, you know this is my favorite plot device.

Why use this troupe? I sort of already used it with my previous book. Well, the unicorn book was a fantasy world, this book is going to be a modern city-so already you have different dynamics on how things could play out. It’s a plot that I really haven’t used in a novel-I feel like Unicorn’s Quest was a human meeting a unicorn-this book is a human meeting 100s of furries / anthropomorphic animals. Also, I feel there is a bigger sense of danger with the plot I’m going with-the prejudice and racist ideals of furries go far in this book. There won’t be an easy answer to the violence in this story.

I’ve written the first chapter already and on chapter 2, but I’m going to try to write at least 6-10 pages a day and see how far I get.

Lastly-I want to talk about possible publication. At this moment, all my writing is out there for you all to read and see. I plan on getting a professional editor (possibly a college student / English professor or independent book company) to look over this story.

If I can do that-I will publish the story on Amazon.com and see where it takes me. I’ll also let friends read it over and such.

If I can not get a professional editor-it will be posted online for free, I want people to read it-I’m not in it for money as you guys know.On the flip side-putting my story on Amazon would give me more recognition and reviews, so that’s why I’m hopping for that now.

Besides the actual writing, I’m getting sketches of characters done by a few artists, it’s been awesome working with such creative people (most recently Vandclash Artworks). I’m having a blast writing all of this, let me tell you.

I sort of have no outline, I’m just going with the flow. Talk to you later! 🙂 Will keep you guys updated with art and anything else involved with this epicness…or hopefully epicness!


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