“Of Anthros and Humans”: First 2 Chapters done! 


It’s a bit intimidating writing this. I love it and I love the freedom of including tons of stuff, but it also means more concentration and less ‘casual writing’. It’s always fun, but knowing that I have so much more to do is daunting. It’s much deeper than “Unicorn’s Quest”-this story packs a LOT more ideas. Leonard’s detective story, Vince’s journey with working for a ruthless dictator and keeping up with Adam-the human and his quirks. In a away, I’m keeping main characters to a minimum there’s 3 as of right now-might push it to 4), it’s the only way to keep myself from getting over whelmed. Plus, simplicity is good-I’ll leave the family tree stuff too George R.R. Martin! I don’t want the reader to have to keep track of complex names and places…it’s not that kind of story. Further more, it is a Young Adult book-so I’m working with a new audience. Typically, my stories have profanity and gruesome violence (Leonard Series) This book is an adventure-sure it’s sad and does get dark, about “Hunger Games” level I think. I feel good about that-I want teens to read a story that will make them interested, maybe they’ve never read anything like this? 🙂

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