40 pages in…. :)

So-writing is not going too bad! As you see, I’ve been getting artwork done of the main characters. What I plan on doing is rearranging them in Photoshop to create a cover, I’d rather do that than hire someone to create an entire cover…I have an image in mind and I feel more personal if I did the cover design.

It’s cool being able to go in and fill in all kinds of backstory for these characters, which takes up less than half of the story, but still I think letting the reader in on the lives of the major players, so that maybe the reader will find one more interesting than the other-and maybe then have a favorite character? As far as the length-I plan on maybe the book being 115-120 pages. We’ll see once all is said and done and once an editor goes in and fixes stuff, but I feel like that would be a fine length.

Once it is out, I plan on releasing an audio book on my you tube account as well as some other writing sites. I want to spread this like wildfire if it comes out the way I think it will.

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