TRACKING RABID (Furry Short Film)


Leonard Keaton begins to investigate the brutal death of a human-stabbed and more bizarrely- missing a limb. What Leo uncovers becomes one of the most bizarre and brutal crimes in the furry community….



I wanted to put Leonard in a horror movie. Paw and Order to me, is an epic investigative thriller. Sure, a few dashes of horror are in there, but it’s more of a drama for sure. “Paw and Order” and “Tracking Rabid” are not connected, I made sure to make them both stand alone movies-you can go into this one not knowing anything about Leo and still ‘get it.’

While Cindy, my mom did film a good chunk of this movie-really this movie was made by my dad and I, we both switched off filming for the entire climax of the film, we both had no help when it came to shooting 90% of this, which adds to its uniqueness I feel. It’s not ‘polished’ like the first one-I’m going for a much more ‘handheld’ look with this. Lower budget, lower lighting….perhaps it helps evoking the fear?

For those of you who saw Leonard’s first adventure, while the scale on this movie is much smaller-I wanted it to be much darker. I love the 70’s horror movies the best-in fact the movie that inspired this was “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” by Tobe Hooper. A horror movie that still freaks me out to this day-hardly any gore, but the feeling of dread and madness are so effective. It really is a must watch for anyone who likes independent movies.

I really wanted to work on effectiveness using score, lighting and just ‘saying’ ideas and not showing them. Like the 70’s horror movies-this is not very bloody, there isn’t a whole lot of on-screen violence even, but I did work on editing techniques and I hope furries enjoy it because it is not the typical furry stuff at all-therefore, I hope it inspires interest and enjoyment…especially if you like horror movies.

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