7/26/2016 Update!

 I just finished half of the first draft for “Of Anthros and Humans”, ironing out some grammar and sentence structure. I don’t really know how it’s all going to end-so right now, that’s sort of what I’m brainstorming. Might add an extra character? Probably a new location too. Who knows? Right now, I am so proud with what I’ve come up with and I think you guys will love it. It really mashes a lot of my short story ideas together. 🙂 I also will be posting more official art for the book soon-really love showing you guys what the characters will look like. The book will be available on my site, Wattpad, DeviantArt and maybe Amazon.com.  
Apart from the novel, I also will be writing a short story-unrelated to anything else I’ve written-and as it stands right now, I have a title and a basic plot. “The Muzzled” is a thriller about a  dog who gets thrown in with a fighting ring and tries to escape-I really think a pit bull should be the hero in the story since they’re looked upon as ‘evil’ by WAY too many people, and I think it’s disgusting-I probably will start writing it this week. It is also not a furry story, it has talking animals-but I’m sticking to realism when it comes to content. I feel it would almost be disrespectful to poor animals who have actually been through dog fighting to create some fantasy world, maybe I’m wrong-but it’s the way I feel the story should be told.
Granted, there will be fictional elements-it is ‘entertainment’, so there will be some fantastical elements to keep the characters interesting. So, we’ll see what happens!
I do have a few filming ideas as well-in fact I was just at a new location yesterday and it seems to be a great and open area, so I hope to write a script around that area. Perhaps this September. 🙂

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