Fan World / Meeting James Rolfe


Fan World was a blast! I loved interviewing people with my dolphin puppet, everyone was just so humble and I learned a lot about gaming while I was there (as this was my first ‘game con’.

While this is by far one of the cons I’ve had to travel the farthest for (Anthrocon being the furthest.) it was the best con I’ve ever been to, all because of meeting my one inspiration-James Rolfe (AKA the Angry Video Game Nerd) All of my film making, I truly owe to Mr. Rolfe and his you tube account. In 2006, I had done some films for sure-but it wasn’t until I came upon James that I sort of realized I really wanted to do more. I watched his reviews-and I was shocked.

The content truly made me laugh out loud, I love his silly and over the top use of special effects (fake explosions and green screen) his word play and use of profanity (something I typically don’t find funny-but I do think it lends itself to the character of ‘the nerd’ and I think it is done in such an over the top and silly manner, I can’t help but chuckle.)

What inspires me the most though? His ability to pick up a camera and do everything himself. I had been under the impression that ‘you need 1000s of dollars to make a good movie!’ or ‘you need 100s of extras’-but he taught me that as long as you have imagination, a camera and someplace to film in-imagination can take you a long way. His reviews are basically him in a room, analyzing and making comedic comments on retro video games, and I love all of them. It’s amazing how much editing and writing can take a movie-and because of him, I wanted to try filming things. I know if I hadn’t known of James and,  I wouldn’t be as confident in wanting to make short films. Because of him, I sort of have a ‘go out and do it’ approach to film making, and without him-I wouldn’t have that. I have Mr. Rolfe to thank for years of laughter, quotable lines and his content just puts me in a good place if I’m feeling anxious or scared or angry.

How did I meet him? Well, I knew he would be at Fan Word, a con in Niagara Falls-and my dad was kind enough to get tickets because he knew I loved AVGN, it is true I tend to talk about him all the time! I thought ‘maybe’ I’d get to talk to him at his autograph table and shake his hand for a moment-when I first saw him though, he was walking down the hall of the convention. People were saying ‘hi’ to him, and it took me a second to realize it WAS James himself-I briskly walked up to him, shook his hand and said ‘Hey Mr. Rolfe, such an honor to meet you!’ and the unexpected happened…we talked and talked. That’s never happened when meeting one of my inspirations-and I was nervous, happily nervous of course. I got to interview him a bit, we got our picture taken-it truly was magical that I got to stand and chat with a guy I had admired since I was 14.

That was perfect-but to add to this, Sunday (the day we left) I got to chat and hang out with him again. He was at the con, playing some Nintendo games and in between, he would talk to people and stand up and get photos and whatever else. Me and another you tuber (BigJackFilms) got to chat with him about film-then I got to watch the Nerd himself, play Nintendo, a few feet away from me. Seeing him with an NES controller was surreal, it seems like a casual thing-but something about seeing him actually sitting and playing a game was so fun.

James Rolfe truly is my hero, he’s the reason I want to make short films (or d0 anything creative in general.) Without him, I would not be the same person creatively. I thank him so much for spending time with me and really taking the time to chat like we were best friends forever-I wish him and his loved ones all the best. 🙂

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