ENCOUNTER (Alien Abduction Short Film)


Plot: Adam is taken by an Extraterrestrial, only to discover that maybe it is time to hear there side of life…



I love alien abduction movies-I had made a sort of ‘X Files’ type movie entitled “Outpost X” a while a go-but now I was ready to revisit the idea of a science fiction movie. I took notes from directors like Neill Blomkamp (District 9 and Chappie) and Christopher Nolan (Interstellar) and went with something that maybe has not been done much before.

I filmed the entire movie on my own (lighting, acting, editing etc…) I’m proud of how this came out, it’s a bit more ‘talkly’ than my other movies, it’s a ‘science fiction drama’ I guess. On a side note, this movie took me the longest to render / save out of all my shorts, I kept finding little mistakes and being picky. Being that half the movie was filtered, it took my editing program (PowerDirector 14) about 40 min to save. I had to watch all four or five times it saved…ugh. Anyway! Enjoy.

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