Writing Update 9/3/2016

Good news for you Leonard fans! Leonard #7 is going to begin! I haven’t written a Leo story since April, it’s time to catch up with our favorite detective! I will say-it’s not like the others in the series, it’s a bit more ‘personal’…sort of along the lines of “Fatal Attraction” or “Gone Girl”-so be prepared! It’ll be a lot of fun to write about Leonard again, I love this character and thank SO many fans for drawing him and I want to make sure to keep up with him.  I also find it fun to sort of make every story stand alone-sure they’re things that connect if you read all of them in order, but you can also read the ones that interest you and not have to know much…unless it’s one that’s in multiple parts.

Anyway, psyched to write in this universe again-I’m also thinking of breaking the episodes up into seasons, so let’s say I write 10 episodes…it could be “Leonard: Season 1”-just to separate plot lines and keep it organized. Will I release them all in one .PDF? Most likely! So, stay tuned! 🙂


For a bigger project, I have begun writing my “District 9” fan fiction-and I think it’ll end up being interesting and hopefully action packed, like the movie. I haven’t written a fan fic in a long time-and to write in a universe I have so much respect and admiration for should be cool-I also love the main ‘alien’ character I’ve come up with, he’s quite different than Christopher-the alien in the D9 movie. However, this is cannon, so events from the movie will impact my characters ultimately. This is just one of the hundreds of plot lines that could have been going on in the movie. I hope to gain some extra readers as well by writing this, since they’re a lot of science fiction fans who enjoy the movie and want more. I keep reading comments on threads and forums “we want more District 9!” So, I feel this might give people something to read and discuss.

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