My Biggest Issue with Social Media…

Let me first say, most of my experiences with social media have been awesome. I’m friends and followers of a lot of creators and have NO personal grudge against any one twitter user or you tuber. Most of the people I contact, have been gracious and we’ve become good friends. This is how I feel though some of the time with social media..

If I see let’s say a furry I admire or an indie film maker, and their twitter / Facebook is full of comments from other ‘bigger’ you tubers and twitter users than me and they’re chatting and planning collabs and asking for advice on videos and sharing each others content-the moment I put a comment / compliment up, they don’t answer or even blink at my comment or compliment. What the hell?
You’ve had time to respond to ALL these other guys and make collabs and be followers and friends with other BIGGER accounts, but not a guy with 200 subs and not even close to the amount of followers of you, a guy who looks up to you and would make his day to chat with you. You don’t even put a response like ‘thanks for watching’, when CLEARLY you’ve had time to answer 100s of followers who are as popular as you. Are you that shallow? Hmm..weird how selective you are in who you talk too.
Clearly some (NOT ALL) ‘popular’ you tubers / twitter users have an idea that if you’re ‘unpopular’ or don’t meet there expectation of fame, then they shouldn’t have to care if you wanna say hi or ask questions or collab with them-because they think they’re better than you. Not because of content you produce or any good reason, but because of pointless ‘follower numbers’ and ‘subscribers’. Makes me want to leave social media sometimes honestly.
Maybe I’m reading too deeply into it, but it’s how I’ve felt the past few months-especially on popular Twitter accounts. I’ve often felt quite alone and unwanted on there due to the people who have TONS of followers and commenters on posts. Bottom line? If you have the time and energy respond to everyone else with a big name, millions of followers and subscribers-respond to the ‘underdogs’ as well. Be fair, don’t be a prissy jerk.

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