Writing Update 10/10/2016

THE MUZZLED is now online and I hope you all enjoy it! What’s next? Well, Leonard #7 and my District 9 fan fiction are two projects I will get going on, I’ve already started writing them, so I imagine within due time, they’ll be out, Leonard 7 won’t take extremely long, but the D9 fan fic might not be done until November-ish since it’s such a big project.

As far as brand new projects? I want to write something more accessible, something not as dark and violent-so I’m going to get going on blue prints for a possible series. A science fiction / action series, sort of in the vain of “Guardians of The Galaxy“, the same sort of silly humor and (hopefully) lovable characters. I feel like I need something more ‘fun’ and ‘upbeat’ to add to my writing, because I realize the dark stuff needs a break. How long will it be? Depends. I mean, with Leonard there’s no end in sight as long as I can keep his stories fresh, so I assume it’ll be the same for this.

I’m also going to upstate New York to visit my aunt, and I’m going to bring Daiquiri the dolphin with me, so maybe I’ll get a new skit of him done while I’m there, I try to keep up on my you tube account as much as possible.

Side note, if anyone reviews any of my stories-I will publish it to my social media (Facebook and Twitter) along with your name and any link you wish me to provide. 🙂

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