LOST DOG (Short Film)


Plot: This is the story of a lost Labrador attempting to fend for herself and find a new home. Meanwhile, a distant human suffers from depression.
Inspired by the novel “A Dog’s Purpose”, this drama is a tale of inspiration and discovery and how life can always change.


Frankly, I was getting tired of making psychological thrillers and horror movies and thought I should try something totally different, I made an inspirational drama about a horse entitled “A Horse’s Love” and I seemed to get a lot of positive attention for it.

I read a book entitled “A Dog’s Purpose“, soon to be a movie which is actually how I discovered it even existed. I feel in love with the book and right now, it is my favorite book of all time-so I thought making a sort of ‘spinoff’ of that story would be awesome. Xena has been my animal companion for four years, and she has had cameos in a few of my movies-but now I would get to see what sort of shots and angles I could get with her and really experiment with lighting and mood. Needless to say, I ended up getting probably a good hour and a half of footage, I also had shot some video at a dog park (where the ‘other dog’ had a cameo’)

For the ‘voice’ of Xena, I wasn’t sure if I should pay someone to do it or what-but I ended up going with a now veteran actress in my group, Katherine Martin, well she was perfect and fit the personality of the character I think amazingly well.

Overall, not only did I enjoy filming this-but my dog KNEW she was the center of attention and I think milked it all the scenery, filming Xena was a joy and I think this movie might be a perfect representation of my true optimism in life-hopefully this movie rubs off on you in a similar way. 🙂


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