Of Anthros & Humans: Re-vision

I was going to write my first full length book based on a bunch of anthro characters I made up, and in a way it’s still going to happen.

However, I’m changing everything. The setting which will be rural with a few cities, the time (it was going to be a modern story, but I’m making it middle-ages .)  This change I think will service the story better, plus my Leonard series already takes place in a modern day world, so I thought this should be very different.

As far as characters, everything is pretty much the same-I’ll probably add more since the novel will be released…as a series!

That’s right, so we’re going to have the entire narrative cut up as episodes (each hopefully about 20 pages roughly.) How many episodes will it be? I have no idea, whether it’s three or thirty I think it’ll make for a cool way to write a novel-then I will get the entire thing edited and hopefully published. I don’t know yet of course, but that’s my overall plan.

As far as content, I’m thinking PG-13 type stuff, a bit of Lord of The Rings with a dash of Game of Thrones (obviously skipping ‘some stuff’) I want this to be readable by middle schoolers / high schoolers. I hope good things will come of this and I’ll gain some readers.


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