Meeting Kathy Griffin



In honor of Kathy’s new book release, “Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins“, I thought I’d share how this photo came about.

First off, Kathy is my favorite stand-up comic of all time, I love her mannerisms, her style of story telling, she never fails to make me laugh. I find myself re-watching her stand-up shows constantly and watch every interview I can, she’s a true icon in my eyes.

I went to see her live back in March of 2015, I got very close seats, I think two rows back from the stage. Well, her show of course is full of awesome and fun stories, really everything I could have hoped for, in fact she went on for almost three hours when her show was said to be two, so her talkative and energetic nature truly came out that night.
After the show, an announcer came on stating that ‘anyone with a paper tapped to their seats gets a photo-op’, well of course I practically jumped up and down when I saw a paper on my seat.

I was quite nervous, I mean-here’s someone who I regard as again, ‘an icon of comedy’-of course, once I approached her, the picture taking lasted about two seconds, but I did get to tell her “I had a crush on her” and that “you never fail to make me laugh” and she complimented me on my jacket…I think a heart floated above my head at that point!

It was unforgettable and I am so honored to have met someone I look up to so much.

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