Update: 2/12/17

Currently in the middle of writing Episode 2 of “Of Anthros and Humans” which is coming along quite well, I also hope to see some reviews popping up soon, would be cool (especially on Wattpad and Deviant Art). No matter what though, I’m going to write the entire series and then I put every episode into one book, have it edited and hopefully put on Amazon.com and in  a hardcover / Kindle format.  I have gotten some feedback in Facebook messages, which is awesome and it seems I have gotten a bit more of an audience. Art work has also been coming in, I’ve commissioned so many awesome artists from around the web, I also hope to help them get their names out there as I make more episodes.

Of course, this means I’ll have less time to work on other stories (the Leonard series is on hold and I have some other original stories in my head) but this is what I enjoy writing and I’m not going to fuss about too many projects at once. This fantasy book is my big project and I’ll put as much work into it as I feel I need to.

I am also planning on going to a few more conventions this year, Rhode Island Comic-Con is on the list as well as Super Megafest. and Anthrocon 2017.  I have not gotten tickets for either yet, so no guarantees, but I will of course let everyone know what’s up once I know what my schedule is like.  I am going to Florida in March to visit some family and friends, so maybe I’ll get to do a bit of filming their, I’ll at least take pictures for you guys.

Also, I have scheduled driving lessons for myself this Friday and will be doing that for a few weeks-which won’t take up a whole lot of time, but it is something that I am excited for, I’m in my 20’s and I think it’s time for me to at least SEE if I can do it, taking it one day at a time.

That’s all for now.




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