“Genesis”-Update 4/16/17

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I am finally making my next short film that is not a crime drama or a furry film. It is a science fiction horror movie, much in the light of the work of David Cronenburg with a tad bit of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and “Prometheus” films. See, I made my Alien Fan Film a year ago-and I am super proud of it, so much so that I decided to re-hash a bit of my own ideas and make up my own creature, who looks nothing like a xenomorph.

Mine was actually inspired by Prometheus, specifically the Hammerpede. That scene always stuck with me, so I wanted to do something similar to that, but with my own resources-I obviously couldn’t do a full fledged CGI alien, so using practical effects was my best option. So far, I’ve shot about three scenes, my cousin, Nick (who was in my short film “A Girl I Know” recently) will most likely be playing a role. You’ll see tons of other familiar faces, Katherine Martin, Joan Winterkorn, myself, my mom and dad-so yeah, it’s one of my ‘big’ films, which means a might be a tad longer than some of my others, who knows though? I’ve been posting screenshots of the scenes as I’ve been editing, so please follow my Twitter and Facebook to learn more!

Thank you for reading and I REALLY look forward to releasing this movie, perhaps in the next few weeks give or take, as said-this is a bigger project, so the relese date depends on time and actors. This will be my most gruesome film to date for sure, so I do warn you-if you’re squeamish, you may have a hard time watching it. hehe.

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