Dolphin Quest- Beginnings / Update

The idea for this movie came from me wanting to make a fantasy film, but I don’t have the budget to have costumes and locations and all the elements that would make for a good story-so I sort of thought ‘whatever, I’ll just write my novel and leave it at that.’ The idea for a movie to star figures / puppets sort of swirled in my head. I wanted to at first make a horror movie starring puppets, but never finished the script and the ideas just weren’t there.

Then, I saw a movie entitled “The Dark Crystal” a cult classic. I was surprised that as a fan of fantasy, I had never seen it, but I loved it and it’s one I’ll certainly watch over and over. After viewing it, I decided I was going to make a movie starring puppets-and make it my fantasy story.

Having the movie star Daiquiri, my energetic dolphin character who is already a puppet, was an obvious choice. I then bought a few more puppets online after writing out a script that will require a lot of locations and a lot of voice work (90% of which is done already.) I am really looking forward to this movie and while it will be a tedious film to edit and shoot (being that I have to wait until I actually GO to the locations which I am filming at) The movie won’t be out until early July.

As far as releasing the movie, it will be on You Tube and maybe other video sharing sites, I MIGHT even release it on DVD-but no promises.

First day of filming!
DBRR7tXVwAAC7WR.jpg large
Katherine will voice Marina, an energetic wolf
DBarXXNUwAENECA.jpg large
Nicholas C. will voice Orpheus, the ruthless dragon
DBbrMADVYAAIwWo.jpg large
Mom having fun with filming with Marina


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