Planet: Halfworld
Time: Evening

The young man ran, barefooted and shirtless, he wore only dark blue slacks. The pressure from the cement became too much for his feet, so he swiftly hid in a corner and leaned against the cold brick building near by.
A red backpack hung from his back-he barely had enough time to grab it before the attack happened.
Using his sense of hearing, he tried to detect if his attackers were anywhere near, he heard them speaking in the distance, calling on there radios and trying to figure out the coordinates of the running kid, the voices only became closer.
He held his breath, a nice shadow covered his entire body due to the collapsing roof of the abandoned building he was up against, and so he knew he was quite well hidden.
The attackers in black ran right passed him, the human began breathing normally and ran across the rocky cement street, splashing in deep puddles and getting colder by the moment, rain had fallen only about an hour before all of this happened-so the road was caked in rain water.
Where this young man was running through, was an outdoor mall-not a very popular outdoor mall, being that only about thirty pedestrians were in the area, and the only reason why anyone would go here so late at night, was due to the bar-which was open 24/7.

Using the corners of many stores and the lack of light to his advantage, he attempted to hide from his attackers-even though; he knew they were probably searching a new area by now.
The humdrum folks who were shopping were totally oblivious to this young man who had been in danger for nearly two days now, he looked at the folks-some of them animals who wore clothes and walked upright, and some of them normal looking humans, but that’s how this planet was.

Matthew was smart, he was scared out of his wits though-but he did have a good head on his shoulders.
He had made it this far, while he wasn’t too confident in himself, he knew he had to keep going. Who were these attackers that were following him? He didn’t know. Why did they want him? This answer eluded him as well, the seventeen year old ran into the back entrance of a closed clothing store and stole a white dress shirt, socks and sneakers from a near by hanger, and strolled out of the entrance-briskly walking to the small bar-hoping to evade anyone who may harm him…

The first thing that hit Matthew, was the smell of the alcohol, and I think this is a good time to tell you that this young man, is half blind-or ‘partially sighted’ for a more accurate and maybe kinder term.

If you look at Matt’s face, you can see both eyes are rather cloudy, he is able to directly in front of him, but has no peripheral vision-but once you go off into the distance or to far left and right, he has trouble identifying who you are-but he can listen to footsteps and voice to know how far you are from him, he sort of has ‘tunnel vision’ you could say.

He is always cautious and quite aware of his surroundings, his sense of smell and touch are incredible-and really, it’s what has kept him alive for these two horrendous days.

The human gulps nervously as he listens to all the conversations around him, his hands slightly stick out to the sides, careful not to bump into anyone unfriendly. He makes his way to the front of the bar table and awkwardly sits on a bar stool.
In front of him, are an alignment of brands of drinks, a frog in a bowtie serves all the customers.
Matthew sighs deeply, he listens to the voices on the left and right of him, he is at the last stool of the bar, and about half of the building is full of tipsy animals and humans. Quiet conversations carry on, soft jazz plays in the background.

The bar is rather small, it’s a classy bar-not the kind of bar where fights normally happen, windows surround the place, the floor is marble, posters of beers and wines decorate the ceiling.
The stools are made of black leather; a few candles light some corners of the bar, but most of the lighting is soft and comes from tiny, white bulbs along the edges of the back wall where the bartender stands and serves drinks.
The bar table is smooth and made of a dark wood-this bar certainly was out of the human’s pay range.

He then smelt a bit of smoke in come from one side of him, Matt cocks his head and not even a foot from him-a raccoon sat. Did Matt know he was a raccoon?
No, but he knew this fellow was short by the distance of his voice as he spoke to the bartender.
“I’ll have a Bourbon…”
This individual spoke in a slightly ‘city accent’, and his tone was quite alert, he smelt no alcohol on the creature’s breath-this was his first drink.
Matt glances at the grey and black raccoon quickly, he then folds his hands on the table-the bartender speaks.
“What can I get you, kid?”
Matt jumps a bit and looks straight at the bartender.
“Ummm, just water please…thanks.”
The rather frumpy, old frog looks at the human’s rather alert expression, his tone turns concerned.
“Kid, you seem jumpy…everything okay?”
The human nods and gives a quick smile.
“Yes sir, thank you for asking.”
The frog goes off to get a glass of water, which is cut short by a phone call in the kitchen area.

Suddenly, the raccoon taps the human on the shoulder, Matt looks directly at him-the human now can make out the shape of the guy’s head and see a tad bit of his color, he speaks in a firm, but soft tone.
This raccoon wears black boots, green pants and a dark brown, leather vest.
Around his waist, is a large, black belt with one gold buckle-and hooked on the right side of the buckle, a holster.
“Matt, I need you to listen…”
The human looks astonished, very surprised this critter knew his name; the raccoon slowly moves his hand over the handle of his laser pistol and whispers, leaning right up against his ear.
“There is a guy in this room, who wants you dead….now, I’m going to count to five- you’re going to go run for the exit of the bar, to the left and wait for me. Got it?”
The human’s heart thuds a mile a minute-could this raccoon be lying? What if he’s going to shoot him? Was he hired by the same group who is attacking him now?
“Got it?!”
The raccoon states in a swifter, and more aggressive tone-like time is of the essence.
The human nods again, the critter slowly takes out his weapon.
Time moved in slow motion, all Matt could hear was the thudding of his own heart in his ear, the unknown animal twirls around on the bar stool and fires his weapon, after a loud, electrical bang-a man in black tumbles backwards as blood splatters one of the walls of the bar.
The waiters and waitresses all get on the ground in terror, three more of the mysterious men in black bust through the front door of the bar-wielding semi-automatic weapons, and while they’re way more powerful than the pistol our main hero has, they’re just a tad bit larger-but not by much. These machine guns maybe small in size, but they tear up the walls a bit as well as everything else in sight.
They start to shoot the entire bar, bottles and glass cups shatter, the noise emanating from the three gunmen weapons is deafening.

The critter with the laser pistol swiftly gets on all fours, looking more like a raccoon now-and runs for one of the gunmen.
Before the attacker is able to look down, a laser shot goes straight through his foot, causing him to drop his weapon-Matt’s mysterious savior, Rocket methodically catches the firearm as the gunman dropped it to check his foot, he then hops onto a near by chair so he can be level with the two remaining gunmen, with great aim-he shoots them both quickly in the skull. As the smoke from the all the gun fire is lifted, using the strap hooked onto the weapon-the raccoon hoists it over his back easily and briskly walks out of the bar.


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