Mathew stays hidden in a corner, right outside the exit.
The mammal steps out cautiously, but confidently. Matt can hear the sound of his black boots as they scrape against the stones on the road-which was a good way to keep track of him.
The back of the bar is covered in trash, old paper, food wrappers, empty bottles-a dim street light aluminates the area, the tar beneath them rocky and cracked.
The raccoon and Matt stand in a sort of small parking lott area; this was used in case the front of the bar was packed with parked cars, but only one car stood parked a few feet from our two characters.
The human shakes in fear and does not speak-for fear of this seemingly violent guy shooting him quickly-and not knowing what the heck went on in that bar-most of him thought that the raccoon must have died, and he’d be left alone…again. The gun wielding fellow turns to the human and speaks in a very unsympathetic tone.
“Come on, we gotta go-plenty of time to be scared inside…”
Inside? Inside where? Was he being kidnapped? Saved? Killed? Tortured?
Matthew realizes he really had no choice but to trust him-he slowly nods and follows the critter to a car-looking type vehicle.
While this vehicle has four wheels and four doors like a car, the shape of it is much sleeker-it looks more like a sports car / space pod combined.
Matt steps in the passenger side of this ‘car’, and the first thing he notices is that on the dash bored, buttons and levers.
This was unlike any car he’d ever been in-the raccoon hops on the opposite side of Matt, they now sat only about a mere six or seven inches from each other, the vehicle starts. The critter controlled the movements of the vehicle-all with his paws.
No pedals, which really did make sense being that this survivor was not the tallest. The ‘car’ zooms down a road and out of the mall area, and Matt prays that this guy only means well, Matt puts his red bag by his feet and sighs deeply.
The sun begins to rise upon the planet; the sky turns a dark shade of blue.
Matt’s voice is a bit calmer now, but still soft and he is still leery and realized he probably shouldn’t have hopped into a vehicle with a complete stranger.
“Why..why did you save me back there? How did you know my name? Why don’t I know your name?”
The driver then speaks in a slightly cocky and confident tone-which Matt found rather amusing.
“I saved you because it’s my mission-I’m sure you have another question, so I’ll wait…”
“You got that right…mission? Who are you…really? These past few days have been nothing…b-but torment! Being chased by men in black, fearing for my life every second!”
The furry creature looks at the human and tosses his new weapon in the back area of the craft on wheels.
“Jeez, you keep on whining, I’m sending you back to the bar…”
The human’s heart sinks a bit; the raccoon looks at him and rolls his eyes.
“I’m kidding. Name is Rocket, I’m sorta…well…a ‘law enforcement official’ of this whole galaxy around here. I do other stuff on the side, but that’s beside the point.
Basically it’s my job to make sure no one is getting killed by jerks who want to see harm done to others, I maybe careless-but not careless enough to want to see others get hurt. I’m good at it-so good in fact that my…erm, ‘boss’ asked me to keep an eye on you-for money! You’re safe with me-it’s all about money!”
Matthew stares blankly at Rocket, not wanting to mention his height or the fact that he’s a raccoon-for fear of upsetting him.
As loud and energetic as Rocket is, the human also feels a slight comfort with him, he seems honest enough and why would he lie about the whole mission thing anyway? Matthew now wants more; he rubs the back of his neck anxiously.
“So, Mr. Rocket-the last…the last thing I remember is moving here, and one night I was at my house, with my parents. I heard a knock on the d-door and three men, dressed all in black came crashing in-took my parents, but I escaped. Why do they want me?”
The craft then turns to an abandoned road, no buildings, no signs-just dirt, Rocket lights a cigarette and plops it in his mouth.
“Ugh-you have a lot to learn, kid. Well, from what I know, these guys only target humans. I know once they get a hold of them, they’re never seen again. They black bag ya…”
The vehicle comes to a complete stop in front of a large, abandoned warehouse.
The warehouse echoes, as Matt follows the raccoon’s footsteps, he really tries to get a sense of how huge the place is. Windows are quite high up, nearly reaching the ceiling.
The floor is smooth concrete, bright lights hang from the ceiling and make a slight ‘buzz’ sound.
They’re a few crates in the area-but they’re all tucked away in corners, two beds sit side by side one another, Matt assumed Rocket had had this place planned out way before the two actually met.
Rocket takes off his brown vest and lies down tiredly on the left bed; Matthew sits on the edge of the bed on the right.
The beds are slightly squeaky; each one has two white blankets and two white pillows, the human folds his arms and listens to every sound, from Rocket clearing his throat a bit, to the sound of a light rain, to the sound of a single bird tweeting outside.
The raccoon puts his pistol and machine gun under his bed, then proceeds to lie down again-he lifts the blankets over himself, Matt is startled by Rocket speaking to him.
“You should get some sleep…”
Matthew lies down slowly and sighs deeply, looking at the ceiling.
“Mr. Rocket? Thanks…for…for everything.”
“Yup-oh and drop the ‘mister.’”
Matt smiles a tad bit, he takes a large stuffed animal of a horse out of his red bag, cuddles up to it and slowly closes his eyes; he got his first full rest in a long while.
Rocket slowly wakes up, looking at the ceiling of the massive, but mostly empty building-Matthew sleeping soundly, the horse stuffed animal was given to him by a very special horse-more on him shortly.
The raccoon slowly hops on the floor and throws on his vest and boots, he goes to the ‘car hybrid-thing’.
The air is cool, not much activity is going on being that it’s very early in the day-Matt was sleeping away the day, which was fine as far as Rocket was concerned. Less to worry about, who wants to baby sit someone who’s wide awake and hyper?
With his ‘human like’ hands, he grabs a small, pad-like device from the back of the car, flat and square-shaped and made out of a hard, nearly unbreakable glass.
He pushes a button on the left side of the pad, a hologram instantly pops up. The clear, HD image blinks, a brown Clydesdale looks at the raccoon.
Only his head and shoulders are seen, he wears his usual garb-a one piece-silver armored suit, on his left breast is a nametag that reads ‘Sergeant Clop.’
Actually, Rocket had only met him a few weeks ago; the horse had in fact come to him…

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