The horse sergeant had heard of some mysterious group, kidnapping humans. While humans were rarely part of his life, the contract he had signed before becoming such high rank stated the following, amongst pages and pages of official rules and regulations:
‘Too protect and serve all living things and make sure they have the passage to life and the pursuit of his / hers desires, as long as it does not inflict negatively upon anyone else.’
As a sergeant, he got many reports of missing persons, but Matthew was actually a human he had known personally.
Matt has a genuine interest in what goes on as far as the unique individuals on this planet. He had before never seen animals walking about and it being a normal, everyday event. Matt called the sergeant ‘Mr. Clop’, which the horse found rather cute and amusing.
He wasn’t like most sergeants-sure he was stern and maybe not smiley, but deep down-he liked teaching others, so when Matt and he met up on one fine day, he was happy to bring the young man to the army base and show him around.
The army base the horse works on, is actually rather small-Matt remembers his favorite thing being the silver metal jump suit Mr. Clop and his soldiers wore.
The suits made them look extremely heroic, and Matt had a liking to being around someone like that, his parents were loving and supportive-so Matt was really able to explore the planet, since the area he lived in was quite safe.
He loved bumping into new creatures and such-and for a long time he would not feel fear….until that one night.
His parents black bagged, no trace left. Mr. Clop had found out about the incident quickly-Matt had contacted him through a pad-like device he had at home-which he used to write messages to friends or read, once he had written that he was in trouble and sent them message to Mr. Clop, he took the device with him so that the stallion could trace him.
The sergeant knew this kid had to be on the run, or dead, and he indeed did try to save the human himself, with permission of his higher officials, but no one let him. The horse knew of only rookies locally, he wouldn’t send one of them out to bring back the human-he needed someone who would break rules, someone who was tough, someone who had no qualms about killing an enemy-and he knew that critter of interest would be Rocket Raccoon-and his friend Groot should he be around.
He needed the raccoon to bring the human safely back to the military base, the horse would meet Matt there…much easier said than done.
The two met at a casual diner, more or less a coffee shop actually. Well, Mr. Clop actually had approached Rocket unannounced, he thought trying to persuade him in person, would be better.
The horse had his uniform on-the raccoon wore a sleeveless orange jumpsuit, black straps went across the chest area, the pants on the suit only went down to his knees.
In front of him, he had a cup of some unknown liquid, the horse sits across from him, the stallion is about six feet tall, Rocket is about four feet-but being that he stood on the chair, they were almost eye level at the moment, the horse nods and speaks in a calm, but slightly urgent tone.
“Are you Rocket?”
The raccoon looks up the horse and places his paw on the holster of his pistol.
“Yeah, yeah-I’ll sign an autograph for ya and then…you leave, I’m not in the mood for much today…”
The horse lets out a quick shrug.
“Autograph? Erm…no thanks. Look, I’m sorry to bother you-I didn’t know really who to turn too…I’ve read about you, I’ve read of the galaxies you’ve saved-and I also know that you don’t turn away from money…”
The raccoon places both paws on the table, his tone stern.
“You have forty seconds…”
Mr. Clop pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts.
“Well, my friend Matt-he’s young, he’s never really been off on his own. I truly…am scared for him. He’s being hunted by some shady group-and I want you to bring him to me.”
The raccoon’s ears twitch a tiny bit, he folds his arms in a slightly cocky manner, and deep down-the horse was actually amused by his sassiness.
“So, why should I care exactly? Humans have really done nothing for me, why is this guy any different?”
The horse raises an eyebrow, clearly offended by the comment.
“Well, for starters-you’re an expert marksman, your ability to fight is quite good-and I also know that you have a bounty on your head in a few areas-as a sergeant of my military base, I could clear your name-you’re someone who doesn’t deserve to be labeled a ‘bad guy’…I know you better than that.”
Rocket sighs a bit and rolls his eyes; this guy had indeed done his research, which would maybe make getting out of this situation difficult.
“Well for starters-don’t ever say you know me, because you don’t How much money are we talking?”
The horse hands the raccoon a check.
“$400 now, $400 once he’s returned safely.”
Almost a grand!
The raccoon’s interest surly was peaked now-he thought of all the kick ass weapons he could buy, hell he could buy a whole new ship! Rocket smiles a tad bit at the horse, placing the check in his pocket.
“Rocket-this young man…will truly be grateful for you helping him, you should know he can not see very well-so he will need assistance as far as getting up and about, but trust me-he shouldn’t give you any issues.”
“Alright, scoop up Ray Charles and bring him to you at I assume the military base you work at?”
The horse nodded.
Ray Charles? How does Rocket even know who he is? Perhaps he did read a book or two about earth, but it seemed odd for him to do such a thing.
Once the agreement was made, the horse kept a close eye on his friend-he told Rocket he was going into the bar that fateful night. Rest is history.

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