Matt and Rocket sat on the edge of each of there beds. The raccoon wore the orange jumpsuit he had on when he met Mr. Clop-Matthew had on the dress shirt he had stolen from the clothing store.
The raccoon was cleaning out the Uzi he had used to wipe out the entire bar, he hummed a bit as he did so-which amused Matt and made him smile. Matt held his electronic pad and began reading about Rocket, all of his accomplishments on his home planet.
“Rocket, you have quite a resume here, I am impressed!”
The raccoon glanced at the human and shrugs.
“Glad someone is”
Matt puts the pad down on the bed and looks at Rocket, this was the first time the human could see what his savior truly looked like in good lighting, and the whole thing of him being a raccoon, didn’t phase him one bit.
“Why do you say that?”
He then finishes cleaning off the gun, he then cocks it.
“People can be so flarking ungrateful-I feel like no one really does care when I go out of there way to swoop in and save them-makes me sick.”
Matt had never heard the word ‘flarking’ before-but assumed it was an alternative to an ‘f bomb.’
“Rocket? I…am grateful, just so you know. I’d be dead without you, and I’m sorry others have not extended the same kindness.”
“You have nothing to be sorry about, kid.”
Matt puts the electronic pad back in his back pack.
“Rocket? What do you think of planet earth? I used to live there, and…I’m curious as to what you’d think of it…”
“I’ll tell you my one and only thought; Earth is there, because the galaxy needed an insane asylum.”
Matt lets out a quick laugh; the raccoon smirks a tad bit-glad that he could make this kid who had been through so much loosen up a bit.
Rocket had not been used to hanging out with someone like this; most of the folks he hung out with were either other rebels, or criminals.
Matt seemed to be quite a mixed bag-at once, on his feet and he must have a streak of toughness, he was able to make it as far as he did without getting caught.
However-he seemed to also be quite sensitive, and Rocket perhaps isn’t the most sympathetic hero in the galaxy-but he’d admit Matt seemed to have his good points. The raccoon just hoped Matthew wouldn’t end up being an annoyance-but then again, he’s getting paid nearly a grand to watch him…so that did make it worth it if nothing else.
Of course, the human found all of this fascinating, even though he couldn’t see well, he still of course knew this all was a whole new life experience, being with Rocket himself was all the more cool being that now, Matt had read up about him, and he did wonder about Groot-why wasn’t he here? Was he off doing something else? Was he taking a vacation?
The question almost dropped from his mouth, when a bright red laser sight hovered over his chest.
The raccoon yelps a bit and leaps onto the human, causing him to fall on his back just as the sniper fired, Matt rolls under the bed as Rocket goes on all fours and retrieves the Uzi from under the bed.
The laser sight then disappears-the raccoon holds the gun with one paw, cautiously scanning the high windows of the warehouse.
Matt was smart enough to not stand up, he crawls out from under the bed, keeping his breathing controlled-keeping his thoughts as clear as possible.
At the entrance of the warehouse, violent knocks could be heard. Rocket then taps the human on the shoulder and gestures him over to the large crates-the human and the raccoon briskly run to the crates and crouch beneath them, Matt was visibly nervous-but kept his cool for the most part. Rocket leans up to the human’s ear and speaks in a commanding tone, Matt hung on to every word he spoke.
“We’re going to go to the side exit, once there-we’ll go to see a friend of mine and get you to that Sergeant, Mr. Ed…got it?”
Our hero makes yet another, perhaps slightly annoying earth reference.
The human nods, sensing the stress in his tone….the two then run again, Rocket in front of Matt, his Uzi up and ready to fire if needed. The raccoon then approaches the side door; he then looks at Matt, sort of angry that he just stood there.
“Kick the door down, Stevie Wonder! We have NO TIME!”
The human rolls his eyes, slightly and gives a swift kick, the door then swings open, one of the many attackers stands and fires his pistol directly at Matt, the bullet grazes his arm-the human yelps, the raccoon fires a round of bullets into the chest of the shooter, blood pops out like a geyser from his chest before he falls to the ground.
As dark red liquid pours from the human’s shoulder, Rocket glances over and notices it.
“We’ll get you fixed up later-we gotta GO!”
Rocket and Matthew find themselves outside, the air chilly, the sun out. The secret side entrance of the warehouse looked the same as the front for the most part.
The sky is blue, the ground they stand on is flat and made of tar-surrounding them are a few different roads and buildings-teeming with other vehicles zipping by.
The roads were quite busy today-but no signs of anyone dressed in black and ready to fire a weapon were seen, however-Rocket didn’t take a chance.
The two rush to the raccoon’s slick car-once they approach it, the vehicle explodes into loud and fiery ball-the two are knocked over from the sheer force.
The raccoon stands up and groans angrily and watches Matt stand up-the human then looks around, his fear showing through a bit now. Rocket kicks a near by stone, sending it flying in the opposite direction.
“FLARK!” After shrugging a bit, Rocket rubs his eyes.
Matt sighs deeply.
“Rocket…th-these men are relentless! Honestly, I’m…I’m now getting terrified. They blew up your car a-and…damn!”
The raccoon nods as Matt rubs the back of his neck nervously; to the left of the warehouse is a dark green vehicle, a jeep looking thing, Matt then speaks in a slightly happy tone.
“Look at that!”
The raccoon looks over to where Matt points and smirks.
The two run a few feet to a dark green jeep, it isn’t armored much, but it looks durable, it looks much more like a vehicle you would see on earth, two doors, no back seat, it has a rectangular shape like most jeeps do-its wheels are thick and big, making it able to go through any kind of terrain.
Rocket approaches the vehicle-realizing the door is locked, he fires a single bullet into the driver’s side window, the window shatters on impact and the raccoon makes a large leap, hopping through the new hole he had made, Matt watches Rocket’s large brown tail sway a bit as he makes his way into the jeep, he loved Rocket’s tail and found it cute. He loved the light grey color, how bushy it was and the black rings that circled it.
Like all the vehicles on this planet, they’re no pedals-only a series of buttons and a wheel on the dashboard.
The human throws his seatbelt on, and watches the raccoon press a series of buttons and the jeep turns on-it then accelerates out of the warehouse parking lott.
The raccoon stands on the driver’s seat and with all of his strength turns the wheel, but he’s quite coordinated with it.
The jeep flies down the road-Matt is nearly pushed back in his seat.
The road is a bumpy highway, it does not have many curves, it’s mostly straight-other cars zooming by, the aliens driving them give annoyed by Rocket’s speedy driving.
To the side of the road, are rows of large trees-or tree like plants being that they may not even be called trees on this planet. Behind the ‘trees’ are large buildings, restaurants and clothing stores-the usual things you’d find on earth.
This strip of road was a good pick-or so the two thought.
Matt turns pale.
“JEEZ! Slow down!”
Rocket slams his fist into the dashboard, sighs a bit and glances at the human.
“KID! They’re people trying to kill us, how can I slow down when I’m in a hurry?!” Matt’s tone goes up a bit.
“Damn, Rocket! They’re no guys chasing us now! What the hell?!”
The raccoon clearly had lost his patience with Matt; he stares into his face and yells.
“Don’t fucking use profanity with me!”
Just as the raccoon was done shouting at Matt, another vehicle smashed into the jeep.
A white van-looking vehicle, clearly driven by the same unknown people in all black.
The jeep nearly spirals out of control, the raccoon uses all of his might to turn the jeep to the opposite side of the van, which is only a few inches to the right of the jeep-speeding and trying continuously to ram into them.
Rocket pushes another one of the many colored buttons on the dashboard, the jeep goes even faster than before, in an attempt to look for a weapon, Matt desperately feels for a glove compartment.
If he were not under so much pressure-he’d be able to find it using his heightened senses, but he’s slightly panicking and it doesn’t help that the poor human can barely see, PLUS he’s never been in this jeep.
He feels a latch at his hip line under the dashboard, and forces open the glove compartment-he digs his hand in there, feeling a few maps-then he grabs the end of a revolver.
“Rocket-found a gun!”
The raccoon nods, and takes it, with one paw gripping the gun, hanging out the shattered driver’s side window, and the other barely controlling the wheel; he fires a few rounds into the van.
Matt covers his ears, the gun shots are just unbearable to listen too.
The van swiftly goes up behind the jeep-Matt does not make any sounds as the raccoon holsters his new revolver and concentrates on driving. Suddenly, a loud POP is heard.
Rocket attempts to turn the wheel left and right, but the jeep skids right into a near by tree. The van driver had shot out one of the two back tires….
Rocket and Matt had blacked out, the front of the jeep, totaled. Smoke was now raising from the hood of the vehicle…the driver of the van hopped out; some cars had stopped to see the damage, but quickly drove off once they saw the intimidating looking van, everyone knew the ‘men in black’ meant something sinister, and if they were after this raccoon and human-they would be met with some unknown fate as far as pedestrians were concerned.
The driver tossed zippered bags over there faces-all hope for now was lost.

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