The raccoon and human lied upon a smooth, but hard and cold surface.
Matt had a splitting headache, Rocket had a few new bruises on him-well both of them did actually.
The human’s heart started beating a mile a minute when he realized his hands were cuffed.
They both were wearing hospital gowns, Rocket’s eyes slowly opened-he realized they were both in a small room, with two crappy, stained beds shoved to one corner, one barred window high up near the ceiling-and seemingly no way out.
The door in front of them, barred, metal and huge, the raccoon stands up as Matt attempts to yank the cuffs off by pulling, but found it did nothing.
Faint voices could be heard outside, indicating that others were indeed here, the human looks over to the critter with helpless and sad eyes.
“Rocket-a-are we going to die here?”
The raccoon looks all around the area, looking for any faulty design or any crevasse-but then he remembered the human.
He wasn’t alone as he had been on some of his recent adventures; he needed to get Matt out as well, which would make things more difficult, the raccoon’s tone was not one of despair-but one of plainness.
“I need a plan before I can know what’s up. Sit tight.”
Rocket walks about the area some more, he then makes a nice leap onto one of the beds and up to the barred window; he now scales the bars, on all fours, looking more like a rodent now.
He tugs and tugs on the bars; he turns his head to one side-noticing an air vent near the ceiling.
With a lot of effort, he reaches one hand up and yanks the cover off and tosses it below onto the bed, his fingers gripped to the tiny open slits, the human watches-saying nothing. Rocket cocks his head to Matt, quite impressed the raccoon was so limber.
“I’m going in!”
Matthew sighs nervously as he watches his new friend climb into the vent, his coon tail disappearing was the last thing he would see for a bit.
Rocket crawls on his stomach, on both sides is a cold and smooth metal, he grunts a bit-frustrated that he can just barely fit through.
At the end of this narrow vent, is another cover-identical to the one he tore off before. He hears two individuals speaking in some foreign language-not of earth. Peering through the slits of the cover, the raccoon is able to get a good look as to what kind of area he’s be entering next.
Rocket had heard the language before, since our hero had been around so many planets and galaxies, he could understand the language.
As he moves closer to the noise, he is able to get a good look at the two extraterrestrials. They’re dressed in black like all the other attackers had been.
The two guards both green, skinny, have large heads and butterfly winged-shaped eyes. Their hands are long, so are their fingers.
Each of them holds a large semi-automatic weapon, silver and black colored-they’re so large that in order to hold them, it required two hands.
The weapons were like bulky M16s, there backs faced the low air duct, which made Rocket’s job of getting the weapons and saving Matthew yet again-easier.
One of guards leaves to do something, the area Rocket would be in once he got rid of this alien, would be a warehouse area-perhaps he could find his old clothes and rush back to Matt.
The warehouse is all wood, the floors and ceiling, crates are piled everywhere. Not as nice warehouse like the one Rocket hid out in-but anyway, the raccoon uses all of his might to push open the cover and attack the guard from behind.
Right as the alien faces his attacker; Rocket already has his pawed hands strangling the life out of the guy.
He lets out a scream, Rocket forces the gun out of the guard’s large and stringy fingers and fires a single bullet into his face-sending black blood flying in every direction-the other identical looking green creature comes out from the left and begins firing at the raccoon, with a loud series of pops, like a hundred balloons popping-Rocket had fired a round into the second guard’s gut-keeping him alive.
The raccoon runs up to him and puts guns into his face, his eyes widen, his breathing heavy.
“ALRIGHT! Don’t tell me you don’t know Matt-that human you’ve been chasing like some wild goose! GIVE ME INFO!”
The alien stutters as he talks, looking up at the toned, furry creature.
“I-I do! It’s nothing personal….w-we chase humans! It’s our job!”
Rocket’s eyes narrow.
“Tell me…for what REASON do you have doing this? I’m losing patience…ya green freak!”
“O-okay! We kidnap humans…we need them! We harvest organs! ORGANS OF HUMANS!”
The raccoon lowers the gun and watches the alien as he bleeds out.
“Look guy, I do things for money-but this is a bit too disturbing, even for a weirdo like me! I’m shutting you guys down! Where are these organs kept?!”
“Right here! In the warehouse! In crates…e-everything we stole from you is in the crate t-to the far left…please don’t kill me!”
The alien dies slowly from his gun shot wounds; the raccoon then goes to the far left crate, grabs his sleeveless orange jumpsuit, laces up his black military boots and cocks the gun he now has.
A flashlight is attached to the top of the large weapon the raccoon holds, Rocket flicks the light on-illuminating the warehouse quite well now.
With some effort, the furry creature begins to open up all the crates in the area-revealing indeed, human body parts. Rocket lets out a disgusted sigh.
“This is more screwed up than a special ed Science Fair project…”
As the creature is opening each crate, he comes across a working communicator-which would indeed come in handy, he grabs two of them. If he and Matt get split up, they could at least speak to each other. Inside the same crate, he also finds a cell phone-well, a futuristic version of a cell phone anyway.
However-Rocket’s time is cut short, as alarms begin to sound-of course, those two guards weren’t the only two in the entire building!

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