Matthew yelps a bit at alarms begin to flash, a low and loud drill sounds in sequence with the strobe-like blue lights flashing around the entire human holding prison. Other humans in other cells look around frantically; the human seems to be helpless to find Rocket. He then remembers a trick he learned, echo location.
He begins clapping his hands loudly, even though Matt can not see well-sound will determine how close or far someone is to him. Panic had hit the human, but being with Rocket had sort of taught him that doing nothing but being scared had done nothing-the raccoon showed no real fear as of right now, now the human would try to somewhat emulate it.
He continues clapping, almost praying to hear Rocket yell at him to make a run for it.

Currently, Rocket is firing into a hallway; this prison where humans are kept is huge. The halls Rocket goes down are much like hospital halls, prison cells align the area left and right.
Alarms still sound, guards come out of all directions, but the raccoon is able to spread bullets in all directions-the aliens fall quickly and painfully, and I must admit that Rocket has a huge grin on his face gunning these evil aliens down, Matthew could now hear the loud, rapid fire of the weapon Rocket held, smoke began to fill the area, and as the raccoon was gunning down guards, he also was able to shoot the locks out of the cages and watch the innocent humans escape this hell.
Some were in pain, some were fully healthy, but all were able to move about and seemed thrilled to leave.
Rocket fired more and more, almost all the guards in the area were now collapsed.
Left and right, bullets flying, some had indeed grazed the creature-but he was still enjoying himself.
As the last few of the guards died-he then kicked the cage door open and from the gun smoke, emerged as a silhouette, the raccoon Matt had longed to hear from, heroically posed like some main character on a movie poster.
He faced the gun away from Matt and the human swiftly followed him out the door and down a hallway…

Rocket tossed the young man one of the communicators, he stays behind the raccoon, going further and further down the sterile hallways. Matt is a bit disoriented, but knows all he needs to do is stay by his new hero, Matt is able to grab a gun off of one of the dead guards-a mere laser pistol, but it would do.
Rocket held his gun in a firing position, not knowing if any attackers were hiding, Matt winced as they crossed each unknown corner of the prison / hospital looking place.
The two briskly run to a new hallway, a large door is at the end of this hallway-a wooden door. The raccoon and human rush in and catch there breath. Rocket looks up at the human and rubs his eyes quickly, lowering his gun.
“WOW! That was…kinda awesome!”
Matt looks around yet another new area.
The two notice they’re in sort of a doctor’s office, a bed is up against the wall, and various medical tools align the walls as well.
The two move away from the door, Rocket sits on the edge of the bed, Matt sits by him. “You hurt at all?”
The raccoon shrugs and shakes his head.
“We need to get out of here, these aliens are…are nasty, even by my standards. I gotta make a call to a good friend who can hopefully get us out of here in one piece.”
The human looks down at the raccoon, his fur messy and looking quite tired.
“Rocket-I-I would be nowhere without you. Thank you, for..for everything…I needed to say that in case we don’t get out of here alive. You’re a true hero a-and I’m proud to call you a friend.”
Rocket felt a ping of happiness as he heard those words, he retorted back.
“Hey, good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone.”
The human chuckles, it felt nice to finally be able to laugh a bit.

The raccoon begins looking about the room, suddenly they hear the door lock. Rocket rushes over to the door knob, but it does not budge.
“Flark! FLARK!”
Matt stands up and begins feeling dizzy-he thought it was just another panic attack…but he was shocked as he saw Rocket tumble to the ground as well and the room fill with a grey and awful smelling mist…


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