Matt slowly wakes up; quite a large figure is above him.
He sort of looked like a walking octopus, tentacles flopped about and he stood glaring at the human. He realized he was strapped to the same bed and in the same room as before. The creature looks down at him and speaks in a gruff tone, but easily understandable.
“Well Matt-looks like all those hours of hunting paid off. I’m Doctor Gurd, and I think before I begin cutting into you, I should explain some things. Your parents were black bagged-for the same reason all of our humans were…organ keeping. WHY? Well, we extraterrestrials find you guys fascinating-just like you find us amazing, we want to learn more about you.
Further more, with all the humans we’ve kidnapped, we’ve found quite good uses for your parts-food, clothing accessories, your pumping hearts kept in rhythm by electric machines, keeping our guns and machinery alive and well. Matt, all I want to do really-is see your eyes…but I’ll have to remove them. Your lack of vision is an anomaly to me-and really, you’ll just be blinder than you are now…I need to get together some stuff before I can begin work on you!”
Doctor Gurd had his back to the human, Matt had tears streaming down his face-the octopus grabs his cell phone and calls for more guards.
“I tossed the raccoon into the woods, our holding cells just could not keep him down. The area is an hour from here. Kill him…Matt must be mine, and this guy has done NOTHING but help him! KILL ROCKET!”
The doctor fails to notice Matt’s communicator on the floor..Matt desperately looked at it, hoping that Rocket not make the mistake to call him on it.
Our furry hero groans as he slowly realizes he is outside. All future communicators come with a GPS type of device, and if Rocket wanted to find Matt, he’d need to get to the prison quickly, Rocket then quickly grabs the cell phone he had found out of his back pocket and calls in help. Rocket was smart enough not to call Matt on the device-being that he was most likely taken.
“Hey-Rocket here, I’m going to send you someone’s whereabouts-you go to the place and rescue him-keep him safe until I get there!”
His friend didn’t even have time to respond, Rocket had sent the area where the prison was and a picture of the teen human.
Matt would be safe if his friend got there in time.
Now, Rocket needed a way to get to the prison himself-walking was out of the question, the prison would take about an hour to walk too-Matt could be dead by them if his friend took too long to show, the raccoon realized he was in the middle of a wooded area-the woods were never his thing.
His M16-ish weapon wasn’t there, however-Rocket was smart enough to hide a weapon in the heel of his boot-a revolver.
He cocks it and holsters it onto to the side of his belt; he walks about the woods, with no plan forming in his head yet.
These aliens truly wanted Matt for themselves, and Rocket would admit-he didn’t know looking after him would be such a hard task.
As the raccoon made his way through this new area, he noticed the ground he walked on a nice path-made by tires. Trees were on either side of him, the sky blue, and the weather breezy and warm, the sun beating down onto his fuzzy body.
This was the area most similar to earth on the planet of Halfworld.
He quickly followed the tracks and at the middle of the path, found an eighteen year old human, adjusting a four wheeled, dark green ATV-Rocket’s eyes lit up once he saw this awesome vehicle.
The human knelt beside it with a box of tools, behind him more path and more woods.
Rocket approaches him and coughs a bit.
The young man turns, taking off his red, circular sunglasses and smirking, the human wasn’t really in good shape; in fact he was quite overweight.
“Hey raccoon, holding a gun…and wearing a strange orange suit-I’m kinda busy with my gift…leave.”
Of course, the human really didn’t expect the raccoon to answer-but once he did, the human became dead silent.
“Well, I need your ATV. So…step aside and you won’t see me again, nice and easy.”
The kid stands up, the kid smirks, his tone very much one of a ‘smart ass’.
“You’re just a raccoon-a vermin with a gun, I don’t know HOW you’re talking-but in short, no…you aren’t getting my ATV. Got it last week for my birthday, so screw off.”
Rocket was usually met with fear, but this kid really had it coming.
Rocket shouts in anger and quickly jumps onto the human’s face, jamming his thumb into his left eye socket-the kid screams in pain and topples to the ground, his eye slightly bleeding and stinging immensely.
The raccoon leaps off of the kid’s chest.
“VERMIN?! know kid, I would help you up…”
Rocket then snatches the kid’s sunglasses and throws them on his own face, he then kneels down-his muzzle mere inches from the screaming human.
“But my doctor advised me against heavy lifting!”
The raccoon then spits in the kid’s hair and heads for his prize.
The key to the ATV was in the ignition, the raccoon hops on, and the sound the ATV makes as it starts is loud and glorious to Rocket’s ears.
He drives around in a mini circle at first, getting used to feeling how it goes, and then drives in the opposite direction of the kid, Rocket lets out a soft chuckle.
The raccoon speeds up, the vehicle drives smoothly, he was very steady, but quick with his movements-plus he was having a blast driving this thing.
The feeling of the wind in his fur, the loud roar of the engine, the massive amount of dirt being picked up by the large wheels.
He then quickly slows down as he hears the sound of motorcycles approaching-the drivers?
Aliens dressed all in black of course-the raccoon sighed and knew fun was over. These particular bikes were slim, and had guns hoisted on the handle bars.
He sped down the path, two cyclists met him, one on the right, one on the left-with his left hand, he held the handlebars to the ATV, with his right-quickly took his gun out and fires two shots into each of the aliens-they fall over and there bikes each break as they hit a tree.
The coon speeds up, he grins as he hears more aliens on bikes chasing him, and he fires bullets into all of them, dirt kicked up, bikes roared in his ears, bullets flew past him-THESE were the moments Rocket Raccoon lived for!
He watches as the bikes explode as they hit trees and the green creatures fall to a deadly demise.
The raccoon yelps as an alien clings to the back of the ATV-he makes a sharp and unexpected turn, the creature screams, he goes flying off and smack into a tree with a loud snap.
The raccoon is still on smooth driving dirt road, suddenly, more cyclists came around the back of Rocket and threw grenades forward, and large explosions filled the woods, Rocket’s concentration was at an all time high. Left and right the ATV jerked, avoiding a fiery death. Branches began falling, so he had to dodge those as well.
Rocket fired more shots into the henchmen. Bullets hit there flesh, Rocket squinted as he tried to determine where the grenades would be next.
Suddenly, he finds himself having to drive over a wooden bridge, a rickety bridge to be exact.
No more trees surrounded the area, now it was just Rocket, his new ATV and this bridge, he realized he was quite high up-he didn’t look down; he knew the fall was going to be disastrous.
In the distance, he saw the very prison where Matt was being held. The drive on the bridge was very iffy, he almost fell off the sides a few times, but kept things in control, having to lean left and right a few times to keep himself steady.
Once he crossed the bridge, he continued to drive right for the building-he then stops at a giant hole in a wall, he takes off his sunglasses and puts them in his pocket and turns off the ATV and heads into the building using this new hole.


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