The raccoon was covered in dirt; he sneezed a few times as he stepped over glass and dry wall.
The entire area was in horrible condition, lights flickered, and his boots stepped on broken metal and some dead bodies.
The building now completely empty, apart from Matt and Rocket’s pal hopefully. The raccoon finds him and his pal, well Matt was sitting in his lap.
Chatting away to the giant alien from a distant planet-well, he didn’t look like an alien.
He looked like a giant tree with no leaves, two barky massive legs, his arms like branches with fingers on them-even as he sat, he was massive-Groot stood at about at least as tall as a two story house.
Matt seemed quite content with him, and what was even funnier-was that the human didn’t mind that the only words to ever pour out of this being’s mouth in his deep and monotone voice was “I Am Groot”, Rocket let Matt speak for a bit. The raccoon folded his arms contently and spoke.
Matt loved Groot the moment he saw him.
The human loved talking and Groot didn’t constantly interrupt with smart ass remarks like Rocket did-Groot was truly kind and kinda cute. Groot had listened as the human told him what it was like having the issues he had, what Rocket was like towards him and of his parents.
“Am I chopped liver?”
Matt turns excitedly and slides off of Groot’s leg like a slide, and without thinking knelt down and wrapped his arms around Rocket, he could cry he was so happy.
“God, I thought you were…well, truth be told, I knew you weren’t dead…but lost! Groot and I were gonna look for you!”

Suddenly, from out of the darkness, the very cool looking horse dressed in metal military garb, steps out and smiles and walks up to the three.
“Well, I would have looked first! Can’t have Matt in any more crap!”
Surprisingly, the raccoon returned the hug and felt relief-his mission was officially complete.
The horse then looks at Rocket and gestures him over to a corner, and honestly-Matt didn’t care, Rocket would be back.
He wanted to talk to Groot more, the young man found him so fascinating.
Clop looks down at the furry guy and speaks.
“Thank you Rocket, so very much. You work wonders!”
He hands the coon the promised other half of the money.
“I also lifted the bounty off of your head in a few areas-not all though, so still be on the look out.” The raccoon places the money in his pocket.
“Yeah well, ya know-it’s what I do. No thing like me, except me!”
The horse had missed Rocket’s sassy personality.
“Rocket, Matt’s parents were found. They were indeed trapped in this building; they’re both healthy surprisingly-and at a local hospital.”
Rocket nods contently.
“I just want this kid to keep in touch; I’ll admit-he’s a cool dude.”
“Of course Rocket, you and Groot can see him anytime. I need to take Matt to the hospital to be reunited with his family-but maybe we can go out for drinks or something? Take Chris’ parents and have a night out-I’m sure they’d like to hear the whole story of what happened, my ship is parked in the front of the building.”
Rocket goes up to Groot and sits on his lap as well, right next to the human. Matt puts his arm around his hero, all teary eyed.
“I’d be dead without you, Rocket…you’re like a brother to me. Don’t ever…l-let anyone tell you you’re not worth it, or you were just thrown together i-in some lab, you have a heart.”
Rocket pats the kid on the shoulder in a brotherly way.
“Hey, you’ll see Groot, me and Mr. Ed later-we’ll go out for drinks with you and your parents…sound fun?”
Matt nods-the three head to Mr. Clop’s very large ship.

That night, Matt, Mr. Clop, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Elsa and Roger (Matt’s parents) all went out to a large bar, talking about all the adventures that had gone on. Everyone got a kick out of Rocket’s brutal honesty and comedic timing-the last thing all of them did was take a group picture.
Of course, Matt would see Rocket and all of them again-but the picture would be an awesome conversation starter, forever preserving the memories of being saved by a gun totting, sassy and kick ass raccoon named Rocket…



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