In the Bedroom: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

He felt the feeling he was being watched. Every night. He checked his surroundings, but never saw anything there but shadows playing tricks on him. When he was younger, Nathan Bennet was afraid of a monster in his closet or under his bed. His parents assured him nothing like that existed. Now at twenty-one years of age, he certainly didn’t believe in such things. Sometimes in life, however, beliefs are challenged, and you can be proven very wrong.

The email he wrote was a long and boring. Nathan was never one to argue if he didn’t like to do something. Deeply he felt his life had become meaningless. Working at an office, coming home, watching TV and going to bed. The endlessness of his tasks offered him nothing but boredom. He tried creative writing. He tried taking art classes, but nothing stuck. This was his life. Mundane.

Loosening his tie, he entered the break room to make some coffee. A bland looking area with a counter and a few tables. After his coffee was made, he decided to sit and watch the traffic below. He turned on some music from his phone since no one was there. As the moments passed, a few of his co-workers walked in and out. Saying a quick hello, but ultimately leaving him to go somewhere else.

That is until his energetic best friend sat by him, a long-time friend from high school. A good-looking guy who prided himself on fashion and happiness and someone who made Nathan smile. “Nathan! You’re sitting alone again. You know you can always chat with me. No reason for you to be alone.”

His name tag read Paul Tompkins. Placing his purple purse down, he looked to Nathan as he spoke. “I think the boredom of this place gets to me and I forget I have someone I can trust and actually have fun with.” With his one diamond earring, pink sweater and black skinny jeans and high heels, Paul never failed to look glitzy every day. “I’m always so surprised you’re single.” Paul admired how nicely Nathan dressed for work and his personality. He often tried to compliment Nathan, sensing the hatred of his workplace. “Well, thank you for that. What can I say? Being single is the one thing in my life I’m content about.” His tone confident for sure, Paul could tell he truly didn’t long for a girl or boyfriend. “I hope you are more than content. I think happiness is a good goal to strive for.” Nathan nods and sips his coffee. “Agreed. Maybe I’ll find a hobby or maybe I’ll get a puppy or something.” Paul nodded with a friendly smile. “There you go! I think life has plans for you, Nathan. You’re a kind and hardworking guy. I hope good things come to you. I hope you find happiness.” Nathan knew Paul was wrong. His life wouldn’t change. It hadn’t since he was eighteen working at the same humdrum office.

Evening came slowly as the workday had ended. Nathan sent a text to Paul to make sure he drove home safely. He always did, driving worried him and he didn’t have a license. Another thing in his life he was content with. Perhaps Paul was right. Happiness should be what he strives for. With that in mind, Nathan changed into a tank top and black pajama pants and began to cook dinner for himself. Turning on some 80’s rock, he hummed as he cleaned his small kitchen area and readjusted some items. A tiny spark of happiness did go through him as he listened to his music.

Taking a deep breath, Nathan curled up in bed. An average sized bedroom for an apartment. Another boring day is done and over with. He debated on calling Paul just for someone to talk to. Sleep got the better of him and he soon drifted off. A few moments after closing his eyes, he heard a strange sound. A kind of growl. He slowly sat up, thinking it was only a nightmare or maybe a creek from one of the heating pipes. The noise was prominent enough for him to stay sitting up in bed, cocking his head left to right. With a shrug, he lied back down. The creature saw everything. Peeking his head out from under the bed. He knew he had Nathan a bit creeped out. He smiled and retreated to the shadows.


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