Havenport Farm: Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Now

 The drive home from the hardware store was one CJ could do with his eyes closed. Since he was a foal, he had gone to the store with his father, taking care of Havenport Farm. He always looked forward to seeing his employees, they were all family to him. Without them, the farm would be doomed, a fate CJ couldn’t live with.

The sound of crickets was the only thing that could be heard, pulling up to his farm and parking his pickup truck, he tunes some last-minute details, things he’d done for years to keep his place up and running. The night chilly as he zipped his jacket up and warmed his hands by cupping them next to his mouth. Another normal night, he’d have to enjoy now though as life would soon change for the farmer.

The afternoon sun beat down on the workers who planted vegetable seeds. A few chickens, goats, hens and a beagle. Sometimes they bailed hay or fixed fallen down fences. They stood typically behind the large barn in a healthy grassy field, which went on for miles, typically the workers stood in rows, planting, weeding and things of that nature. Beside the large barn, is a two-story home where CJ resided and where his office was located for giving out payment, which is where the bathroom, food and some tools were located. Even though CJ was the boss, he still worked with them. He wasn’t a boss to just stare at everyone and expect everyone to work for him while he sat around. He rarely offered negative critique unless it was necessary.

At the end of the row of hard workers, stood a human. Five feet tall, short blonde hair and blue eyes that were quite incredible to look at. He was the quietest of the farmers, but hard working and polite, the workers always made sure to ask how he was and sometimes would get answers.  Jacob loved his friends here, however shy he may be.

During break after a few hours of planting and tending to the field, everyone sat at a large table outside. If the weather was poor, they’d go to the house and sit on the couch and various chairs.  On this beautiful afternoon, they sat drinking lemonade, cold beer and eating snacks. They would be dismissed at noon, but CJ insisted on feeding them at eleven. Jacob also insisted on sitting next to the brown thoroughbred, he found comfort in horses.

The beagle sitting on the other side of Jacob spoke calmly. “Want me to drive you home, bud?” Jacob smiled.

“Sure, thank you Henry.” CJ sipped his drink.

“Everyone at home good?” CJ asked as he eyed the human. He nodded.

“Yeah. I’m graduating high school soon, so all my family are excited for that.” Henry smiled and eyed Jacob with his usual kindness. Pleasant conversation continued for a little while, getting Jacob to talk could be a bit of a chore. No doubt he loved it here though.

Nighttime alone was something CJ thought he’d be used too. It wasn’t an overt fear, and if someone else was with him, he wouldn’t feel the sense of eeriness. Horses were born as prey animals, and CJ’s fears were from someone breaking into his home to ridiculous notions like some crazy person finding him. Even when he relaxed, whether it was to watch TV or read a book, he often kept way too many lights on. If the fear got too much, he’d sometimes call Jacob and get his mind off his hyperactive mind.


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