Havenport Farm- Chapter 10

Chapter 10- Now

 Three weeks after the story of Bateman’s true sick nature came out, meetings were held of how humans and anthros co-exist. Mostly talk of how to prevent incidents such as this. Once the police raided the fox’s cabin, in locked boxes they found more photos of innocent humans. Tied up, tortured, gagged. His laptop contained worse, but most officers had trouble even thinking of the atrocities Bateman housed in his mind.

Using a cane to get up and walk about wasn’t easy, but CJ would adapt, and his leg would heal after some time. His morning routine hadn’t changed. Warm shower, breakfast then go out to check on the large field. The early morning breeze was cool, CJ looked nice in his new leather jacket, jeans and boots. As he stood out surveying Havenport Farm, he didn’t feel that chill of eeriness from being alone. Instead, it was indifference.

Turning his head to one side, he saw a shadowy figure. Leaning against one of the wooden fences. It caused CJ to startle, but he knew who it was. Limping to Jacob, he too leaned against the fence. He glanced at the human who looked a bit blank. Jacob had a few scars on him, perhaps a bruise or two.

“Isn’t it kinda early for you to be here?” The horse asked sweetly. Jacob shrugged. He hadn’t talked much since everything happened. He was always quite happy at the barn. Well, perhaps he was happy to be here, but showing it was a bit of a chore. Since all he could think of was Bateman’s disturbing voice before falling asleep every night. Jacob placed an arm around CJ.

“I like it here.” His voice groggy with tiredness. He stared at the dark blue sky, the sun would be up soon. “It’s calming, and I like being with you.” Not many had shown such affection towards him, but maybe since he was the one who rescued him, a new type of bond had been formed. CJ couldn’t help but keep looking at Jacob. He had lived through so much.

“I can make you some food. Maybe we can go out later too?” Jacob hugged CJ’s waist.

“I’m still too scared to go out far. Please. Stay?” Gently patting his head, CJ nodded. He could do his errands later. If Jacob needed him, he’d be with him. And that was that. Grabbing his cane, the two walk back to CJ’s house.

A calmness went over the two of them, being back at the farm was what they truly wanted. Jacob didn’t want to go back to school, not at least for a while. CJ didn’t want to venture far off to get away. He wanted his humdrum life back with Jacob and all his wonderful co-workers. A place of hard-work and kindness. That was Havenport Farm.


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