Havenport Farm: Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Then

 The high school bustled with activity, Jacob stood out. He knew he did as he glanced at the faces of the anthro students. All species from rats, dogs, sloths, foxes and anything anyone could think of. Luckily for Havenport High School, segregation was looked down upon and forbidden with heavy consequence. That didn’t stop it from happening however, as whether human or anthro maybe they all had tiny prejudices among them. Get through school and you can go to the farm was what Jacob said to himself as he sat among a few students. A muscular dog on one side, a mouse on the other.

The cafeteria floor shines, the seats light blue stools, tables of three or four are connected. Large windows send in nice sunlight, the students giggle and talk amongst themselves. Jacob folds his hands in his lap and sighed tiredly. Knowing that not only would he be in a new school, but a whole new species would be around him made him feel a lack of alertness. Life at home was good, his parents supportive and CJ his new boss seemed sweet and thoughtful. He knew the farm would take him out of the six hours of potential misery he’d endure.

Eating a healthy-looking bunch of fruit with a fork was the black and brown Doberman pincher. Her ears pointed, her white sharp teeth made Jacob feel a bit uneasy. Yes. He knew that he had no reason to fear this canine, but he couldn’t help but look at the white sharp chompers.

The principal approached as he sat in deep thought. His orange fur neatly combed, his body slender, his eyes green. His suit chestnut brown. He was known as quite an energetic fox, not as stuck up as most in his field, but laid back and usually happy. “Hey buddy! Everything okay?” Jacob nodded and smiled. “Yes Mr. Bateman. Thanks. Just taking in the scenery.” Bateman nodded gently. “Good! Well, I hope you meet lots of new friends today. Come to me anytime.” With his large bushy tail with a white tip swishing happily. He knew he found a friend in Mr. Bateman, CJ and Henry the beagle in the town of Havenport. As he felt more at ease, the bell rang for first period.

Math. It was literal hell. Jacob’s talent was socializing and lifting hay bales. Not complex numbers and sitting still. As he stared at the first problem, he only became more confused. It was like he had never seen a number before in his life. He jumped at a new voice he had never heard, the same Doberman from before. A gruff ‘city accent’. Tall, 6 ft and toned arms. Her clothing tight. Jacob was asexual, but even he’d admit this canine was pretty in a tough kind of way.

“You okay?” the Doberman asked in a genuinely concerned tone.

“Hm? Yeah. Just hate numbers.” She shifts her seat a bit closer, which surprised Jacob a bit.

“Laya. You’re the new guy right?” The two shook hands.

“Yeah. Jacob. Nice to meet you.”

Sitting on a curb after school, Layla joined in. “You need a ride?”

“No thanks. My friend Henry is going to pick me up.” Jacob then told Laya where he worked and who he was friends with and how awkward he felt in a ‘furry school’ as some called it.

“Well hey, if you ever wanna stay after for a soccer game, I can get you good seats. I’m captain of the team here.” The human nodded. Jacob had always thought jocks would have hated him. In his other school, they sometimes pushed him around and made fun of his taste in a simple country life. Layla seemed sincere, something about her mannerisms and her tone. The two exchanged phone numbers shortly after, planning a quick afterschool visit. Maybe it would be good for Jacob to take some chances and make friends, get out of his bubble and enjoy life.

The large yellow school buses began to pull up, Layla playfully nudged Jacob. “See ya tomorrow!” She smiled and headed to her red sports car. As she did this, Henry’s pick-up truck pulled up.

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