Havenport Farm: Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Then


From quite a distance, Jacob tossed the basketball into the peach colored hoop. The anthros cheered as the basketball landed perfectly through the netting and bounced onto the gym floor. From the middle of the gym, the tall anthro blew the whistle and the court dispersed for next class. The gym smells quite nice considering students sweat in it all day.

The human had no idea what he was doing, but he had won the game evidently. A happy and sweaty Layla pats him on the shoulder as she passed by giggling with the other jocks.

“Good going man!” Mr. Mac, the toned cheetah in a t-shirt and shorts puts an arm around Jacob, the whistle around his neck jingled a bit.

“You won the game man! Make sure to tell CJ how epic that was!” He ran in a flash to go get set up for his next line of students. Jacob giggled at his own naivety. He felt more than a bit overwhelmed, so he sat on the bleachers which were against the wall, overlooking posters of the school mascot and all the equipment used on that day. Plus, he was self-conscious about getting his school clothes on in the changing room while everyone was there, it just felt too weird and he felt too vulnerable being nude in front of a bunch of furries. He takes a swig of water. Mac happened to spot the lone human sitting, so he took a seat by him.

“You should try out for basketball, you’re quite talented!” Sometimes Mac’s loud energy got to him, but Jacob knew it was just how he was and maybe he couldn’t help but be peppy. Jacob paused for a moment.    “Why don’t you come by my office and I can at least give you the sign-up sheet. I just don’t want all that potential to go down the drain.”

His brown eyes looked at him so confidently, Jacob shrugged and nodded. What did he have to lose?

His parents were quite glad he may try out for basketball, but they were even happier that the furry school had taken to him so well. Maybe they were just a bunch of fluffy fun guys? No one would know that only a few weeks later, Jacob would be under the knife and perhaps never see his family again.

Tryouts went well enough, he knew a few of the furries there already, and having a human on the team honestly spiced things up. It wasn’t everyday this type of opportunity came. It looked good on the school record, of course that’s not how his fellow students and truly friendly teachers saw it. To them, Jacob was like them-less fluffy, but a good heart and that’s really what counted. Mr. Bateman would often come and check on things, maybe even play a game or two.

One afternoon, basketball was canceled. Which presented a problem. Henry specifically said he couldn’t pick him up on this day. Sitting outside on the field as all the students lined up to go home, he became nervous. He knew though that he had a lot of people he could trust. He didn’t want to text CJ, since he was probably busy at the farm. Casually, he walked into the school. Students were all leaving, he had asked a few other kids if they could give him rides, but no such luck came.

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