Havenport Farm: Chapter 6

Chapter 6- Now


Approaching Mr. Mac wouldn’t be hard, CJ knew he’d be outside with the students today. Fixing his mane up, he showered in a nearby motel he had just gotten the evening after breaking into the school. Why? So that he could be closer than ever to whatever crime happened, plus being at home was quite hard. The memories of Jacob hanging out at the farm were too much for him to handle, he needed to be away. He needed to think.

As he showered, he thought through what to do. He wouldn’t call the cops-unless things got violent, but he would try his best to stay calm and collected. Shampooing his dark mane and closing his eyes he had a few mental images. Fear of dying, fear of being hurt. He had to push those all away now. He had to focus. That photo he found was nightmarish, sickening. Thankfully, it wasn’t Jacob-but it was indeed a human teen around his age in a situation that was highly distressing. Maybe humans were his play things? His way of truly showing what a monster he was on the inside? Sadly, sometimes when mixing humans and anthros, you had the occasional sicko. The one furry to show his or her true colors and use humans, because hey-they’re not as strong. It’s not a statement of prejudice, but fact. Anthros have animal instincts and animal strength, so taking advantage of them for the most part was ideal if one wished to be violent.

The bathroom was lackluster to say the least, this motel was cheap, with a cracked floor and leaky ceilings. CJ dried off and put on a white t-shirt, flannel and jeans. He felt more refreshed than ever. Looking at himself in the mirror, he looked better, but his soul still was beyond repair.

Mac sat at his office, humming away as he typed up grades. His office still looked the same, a small area. A few small windows, some gym equipment in corners. Mac wasn’t the neatest of all teachers, that’s for sure. After hearing CJ knock, the cat smiled wide.

“Can I help you?” The horse felt his stomach go in knots as he shut the door. Face to face with a monster. Something he never thought would happen. “You look kinda glum.” On the verge of tears, CJ sat across from him and slammed the polaroid in front of him. Utter shock hit him. CJ’s voice cracked, but his tone was low and cold.

“Where’s Jacob?” Mac’s hand shook as he brushed the photo out of his view.

“Where the hell did you get that?” CJ rubbed his eyes, the voice in his head spoke almost in a yell. Leave CJ! Leave now! Call the cops! NO! Deal with it. Now. CJ sniffled slightly, he wasn’t quite crying, but his frustration was so high his body didn’t quite know what to do.

“Mac. I’m going to ask you again. Where is Jacob?” The same look of shock crossed his face, CJ began to examine it. It wasn’t ‘oh shit! I’m caught’. It was different.

“This is disgusting.” Mac stood up quickly, knocking the chair over causing a loud crash. The horse snorted as he grabbed a hold of Mac’s hand. His vision blurry with rage.

“WHERE is he?!” The stallion yelled in his face. Luckily for CJ, barely anyone was in the school after hours. Mac slapped CJ’s hand quite hard.

“I don’t want to fight you. Stop accusing me of this disgusting picture!” His voice cracked in a similar fashion as CJ. He too stood up, as tall as he was, CJ began to sort of calm down.

“You didn’t hurt Jacob, did you?” The two stare at each other for a long while before speaking.    

“I don’t know where he is!” Tears escaped the cheetah’s eyes, CJ watched as his ears began to relax and his heart beat a bit fast. He sat again.

“I can barely look at that missing poster without crying. You coming in here and accusing me of – – THIS!” He didn’t want to touch the vile image.

“It was in your desk, Mr. Mac.” Mac sighed.

“I knew this day would come.” He put away papers calmly and gestures the horse to go outside. The reveal of this moment was like a dense weight on CJ’s shoulders. He could almost envision this moment. Was Jacob alive? He couldn’t panic. He couldn’t attack. The horse had who he needed in his sights. As much of a monster this coach was, he couldn’t just wham his fists into him. Even if it’s what a sicko like him deserved. Violence wasn’t the answer. Not now.

Mac led CJ outside and back around the school. The two sit on a curb, the gentle breeze beautiful, the sky clear blue. The red bricked high school behind them. Cars passed in the distance. Students could be heard through open windows, laughing and teasing each other. Unaware of the darkness under them.


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