Havenport Farm: Chapter 7

Chapter 7- Then


Pondering what to do, he tried to call CJ, but the human realized his phone battery was dead. He regretted texting all that time during academic support class more than ever. Jacob stood at the entrance way of the school, deciding if he should just walk home, which would take about an hour.

Suddenly, from the front doors of the school, Mr. Bateman stepped out, wearing a loose purple tie and grey slacks, he smiled sweetly to Jacob.

“Hey bud. What are you doing here?” His ears relaxed, he rolled his sleeves up and didn’t take his eye off the student. Being able to relax, Jacob’s demeaner was more like his usual self.

“I might have to walk home, phone’s dead. It’s no problem though.” The fox pondered.

“I could drive you home.” The proposal didn’t sound bad, as dark clouds began to form over the high school. He nodded and followed the fox down to the teacher’s parking area, not many cars were there. Bateman’s car isn’t really a car, but a white van.

“Do you usually drive this?” Jacob asked as he hopped in the passenger seat and watched Bateman climb in and start the engine.

“Nope, this is my wife’s van, my car is in the shop.” He adjusted the mirror slightly as he began to pull out of the space and drive out of the school zone. The van wasn’t bad looking, the seats clean, the back area empty, the engine perhaps could use some fixing as the ride was a bit jolty.

“So, do you need directions to the farm?” The fox glanced to him.

“Nah, I know your boss and where you work.” He was going a direction Jacob didn’t know, he tried to not be nervous. It’s fine. Maybe this was a short cut? Suddenly, Jacob realized Bateman had pulled the van over, nothing was around them but trees. Before the human could truly realize they had come to a complete stop, he felt a wet rag cover his mouth and nose.

Yelling and squirming were the only things he could do within the first few seconds. He then gripped the fox’s paw, trying to shove and maybe get a bite in, but the droopiness from the chloroform hit him like a ton of bricks. Even if he tried, he couldn’t move with swiftness. His breathing was rapid from the sheer terror of the anthro attacking him so suddenly and so violently. He fell face first into the floor of the van. Out of breath, Bateman dragged his limp body to the back, and from his glove compartment grabbed two pairs of handcuffs, one for his wrists and one for his ankles. Bateman smiled as his twisted fantasy for Jacob was coming to fruition. The van lurched forward moments later, Jacob was fast asleep.

To put Jacob anywhere near his own home would be asking for suspicion, Bateman owned a cabin he stayed in during the summers that very few knew about. The dirt road narrow, trees scrape against the side of the van. Bateman couldn’t help but be a bit nervous, what if he escaped and revealed the truth? Obviously, the school and police would realize he’s missing. It was too late to turn back, to release Jacob would mean jeopardizing his standing in the community. His tendencies towards humans was okay, if no one found out and he didn’t do it often. Jacob was an easy target. Naïve, trustworthy and not a tough guy at all. He may never get the opportunity to strike again.


After driving through the woods, to get up to the cabin by way of a vehicle was impossible, so Bateman had to place Jacob in a large trash bag and drag him through the dirt. Through narrow dirt covered pathways. Trees overlooked the fox as he grunted, beginning to sweat. Dragging the knocked-out human through mud and puddles for about a mile. The sun beat down on him, but he had made it too far to give up.


*          *          *


The cabin is one floor. Most of the bigger trees stood in the back of the home while a clear pathway led to the wooden cabin out front. Stopping to rest, Bateman tossed his tie to one side and unbuttoned his dress shirt, pulling the bag until he made it to a large ditch in the back of the cabin. After pulling him through so many bushes and fly swarmed areas, he gave the bag a kick, sending it down to the large ditch below.

That night, he stripped Jacob down to his underwear and threw his clothes way out in the middle of the woods. He needed to put Jacob in a more secure spot underground.

Inside the cabin was a couch, a small TV and a few lights and a refrigerator. The floor made of smooth wood, the ceilings cracked and needed to be re-done. Sitting on the ripped couch with a tired sigh, Bateman held a beer and thought of what to do. Jacob was at his mercy and he could do what he wanted. For so long he looked at pictures of innocent, cute humans and now this was his chance to shine.



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