Havenport Farm: Chapter 8

Chapter 8- Now


CJ didn’t take his eye off the cheetah as he spoke, his tone so truthful. In his heart, the horse knew he must be innocent, something in his soul told him so. “So why the hell is there a polaroid of a beat up human being assaulted?” Mac’s ears went down. “Bateman put it there as an alibi incase things got to out of hand. If his dark secret was exposed, he could simply point to me, he threatened my family if I were to ever come out with the truth. He’s been doing this to me forever. Since we were young neighbors and first met. He’d do some crazy shit and then keep me quiet.”

“Couldn’t you have reported him to the police?” With a sniffle, Mac continued.

“Everyone loves Principle Bateman. If I came out, he’d have lawyers and a whole town against me. I’d go to prison for disgusting crimes. He’d walk away and hurt more people. I should have known he’d go after Jacob.” There was a pause. Mac gently held CJ’s hand, sensing his dismay and hopelessness.

“I know where Jacob is.” CJ’s heart skipped a beat. Did he hear him right?

“What? How?” The sound of sudden hope and surprise was a total shock to Mac, he sighed deeply.

“When we were teens, we’d go to a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. That’s where he’d do his illegal stuff. Drinking or abusing other kids. He knew no one would find him out there. CJ. I can’t hide from this anymore. I can’t take the fall for what he’s done. Let me go with you. I want to see him. I want to see Jacob and I want to see Bateman burn.” CJ stood up, fixing his mane.

“No. This is my quest. I can’t bring anyone with me. Give me the directions and let me go.”

As dusk set on the town of Havenport, CJ was far beyond where he knew. Far beyond his farm and far beyond the town he loved. Driving down a dirt road, all he could think about was not making it in time. The head lights showing a smooth dirt road, tiny rocks hit the side of the vehicle. It all felt uneasy, the isolation and the unknown. Fear crept into his heart again, but CJ swatted it like an annoying fly. With a coffee by his side, tiredness wouldn’t be an issue.

He didn’t account for the giant pot hole in the middle of the road, the sound of a tire pop caused him to snort in terror as he panicked, jerking the wheel. The sound of tires against the dirt violently caused his heart to leap into his throat. He knew he messed up. Thinking of a thousand other things than the road. The truck derailed into the woods on the side of the road, the stallion pulled the emergency break back, but the front of the vehicle collides with a large tree making his actions futile.

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