CJ (My Fursona) vs. Me

When people ask me, is CJ me in real life…that’s kinda odd. CJ the horse is the front man and logo for my production company, Equus21. He also is an original character, he was in “Havenport Farm“, my furry story. I’d consider us soulmates I guess in that we’d both get along extremely well. But, then again, if you read the story, he can do things that I can’t and he’s had a much different life experience than me and there maybe other differences I haven’t even discovered yet.

CJ has been a farm horse his whole life and rescued a human from a sicko and witnessed a murder. He doesn’t make movies like I do, he doesn’t write (yet..maybe if I make Hevenport Farm 2 we’ll see!) ‘

However, we both love singing, we’re both into fitness and excerise, we both are scared by similar things as well, we both aren’t into sports or dancing in clubs. We both wear the same exact clothing too. So yeah, I guess CJ is similar to me, he is my fursona-so I think inevitably we have similar interests and he’s more like me than not.

As said though, he’s been through different events than me, so maybe his outlook on life is different than mine slightly. I could never make a fursona 100% myself because that makes it boring, I figure why spend all this time getting art of him and perhaps getting a fursuit of him, if he’s just going to be a carbon copy of me? I have to add some sort of background and story. It’s just how my brain works.

CJ is also my second official fursona, first being Leonard, the detective black lab. As close to my heart as Leo is, I never truly considered him ‘me.’ Is he a fursona? Not really. He’s someone that I love and dress up as, I consider him a ‘friend’. Leo is a detective, fearless and drinks more than me. Yeah, we’re not the same really in any sense of the word.

I love CJ because he is me, but he also has qualities that I really admire, our personalites are identical, so putting on his fursuit head and going out won’t be very much of a transformation.

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